What to Pack for a Hiking Trip

hiking packlist

The mountain is calling, the sun is shining, and the motivation is strong! Nowadays, hiking is an extremely popular activity for a number of reasons.

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The Best Destinations to Visit in February

best destinations in february

Although the year is just starting, everything becomes so stressful once again. It would be better to take a vacation and recharge your batteries in a nice place.

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Chilean Landscapes to Be Discovered

chilean landscape

The Chilean landscapes are varied and charming. Wild nature is very well preserved, and due to the country’s length, the natural conditions are extremely different from region to region. The only disadvantage of this variety is that you will need to make decisions! Unless you have several months to spare, you will not be able […]

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Discover the Argentinian Flag and other Symbols of the Country

argentina flag and symbols

The Argentinian nation has four main symbols: the flag, the national anthem, the coat of arms, and the rosette. Let us see what each of them represents.

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Where to Go to See the Northern Lights?

where to go to see northern lights

Below are some ideas of travel destinations to see the Northern Lights. Once you have picked a destination you also need to choose the right season in order to have the best chance to see the Northern Lights.

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A Delight for True Connoisseurs: Chilean Wine

chilean wine types

It is a science in and of itself. There are many types of wine in every price range, but true connoisseurs know exactly how to identify a truly good wine. A lot of qualities depend on how the grapes were exposed to the sun, the way they were picked up, and, of course, how and […]

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Where to Spend Your Easter Vacation?

easter vacation

It is a little-known fact but, originally, Easter vacations were established to allow believers to participate in the ceremonies and celebrations held during Easter Week. This week, right before Easter, commemorates the passion of Christ, that is, all the events that took place around the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Time to Enjoy at the Highest Level: Luxury Vacation

luxury vacation

The notions that everything has a price and that almost anything is possible with money are also applicable to luxury vacations. Individuality, privacy, and high quality service are fundamental aspects of a luxury vacation.

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Where to Go in March to Have the Best Vacation?

where to go in march

If you are lucky enough not to have to plan your vacation around school holidays, March is a good time to get out. Both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, this is an excellent opportunity to go on a holiday. You can find refreshing destinations to rest and enjoy the sun, or escape to the […]

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Vacations Onboard: A Cruise to the Fjords

Niche and adventure cruises are growing. How about a cruise to the Norwegian fjords? Hamburg, in Germany, is usually the port of departure for cruises to the Norwegian fjords. You can plan trips of between 6 and 15 days, depending on how much of Norway you want to see.

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