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What to Pack for a Hiking Trip

The mountain is calling, the sun is shining, and the motivation is strong! Nowadays, hiking is an extremely popular activity for a number of reasons.

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How to Make a Hiking Pack List

You must take a strategic approach before an adventure trip to the mountain. It is better to make a hiking pack list to make sure you do not forget anything. Once you are in the middle of nature you will not find a supermarket around the corner, nor you will be able to quickly order something online.

The first step to decide what to include in your hiking backpack is to, of course, consider the season. Your hiking packing list will be different in summer, autumn, and winter.

Let us start packing: you will need a good hiking backpack with a capacity of approximately 20 liters, depending on the planned route. It should always have a rain cover as mountain weather often changes very quickly. Without protection against the rain, the contents of your backpack may be damaged, which may be especially troublesome if you are carrying electronic devices.

Your hiking pack list should always include an adjustable hiking pole. They can be extremely helpful in steep or snowy roads and will help you stay stable in irregular terrains.

What to Include in Your Hiking Backpack

It is always good to have several comfortable, functional shirts to change. Once the sun rises you will start sweating quickly. It is important to change your wet clothes and stay dry before being caught by the mountain wind.

A pair of rainproof pants may come in handy when the weather changes. A beanie or a bandana will protect your head from the sun and the rain. A pair of high-quality sunglasses is recommended for all weather conditions. If it is sunny, make sure to wear sunscreen lotion, as the sun and UV radiation are even stronger at mountain heights. A wool sweater is also a good ally to fight cold weather.

Foods to Include in your Hiking Pack List

Being a physically demanding activity, you must also include food in your hiking packing list. Carrying food in a sturdy lunchbox is ideal. You can pack snacks, fruit, vegetables, and energy bars, according to your needs and taste.

Drinking plenty of liquids is crucial. There are resistant bottles and even hiking backpacks with integrated hydration systems.

Help in Any Situation

Given that hiking is an adventure activity, it is always recommended to carry a first aid kit, a flashlight, a lighter, and a pocket knife.

Although a smartphone will be helpful, you should still bring a map and compass in your hiking backpack. Professionals usually have GPS devices and wristwatches with special features for the mountain. If you have one, it would also be convenient to bring an insurance card (for example, from the Alpine Association).

Cash Only

Here is a very important tip: most mountain cabins can only be paid for in cash! Therefore, before starting your hiking trip make sure to have enough cash in your backpack.

Do not forget to bring a charger cord and a spare battery to be able to use your electronic devices. If you like taking photos you may also want to bring your camera.

A Night in Nature

If you are planning a longer trip and spending the night in the mountain you must book a cabin in advance. In addition, you will need to include the following items in your hiking packing list: sleeping bag, spare shoes, travel towels, travel pillows, and toiletries.

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