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Birdwatching in Cape Horn: all you need to know

birdwatching in cape horn
5 minutos

To take the stress out of planning a Cape Horn excursion with a focus on birdwatching, we’ve compiled some of the best tips. It introduces some of the region’s most typical – and unusual – species, as well suggesting the best places for birdwatching and timeframes, as well as a section on practical information for arranging […]

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How to Arrange A Birdwatching Tour in Patagonia

birdwatching tour
8 minutos

A host of tour companies based in Patagonia can arrange birdwatching tours, which generally include all accommodations, food and transport for the duration of the trip. These range from three-day tours to 12-day excursions, some of which involve trips to see birdlife in other parts of Chile or Argentina beyond Patagonia.

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Best Destinations for Birdwatching in Patagonia

weather in patagonia
7 minutos

Perhaps best known as a destination for the adventurous traveller, Patagonia has an incredibly rich array of native wildlife. It’s home to a total of 360 different species of birds, including 40 that are endemic to the region and that include both marine species and land-dwelling birds.

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Best Places For Birding in South America

birding south america
7 minutos

Of the ten countries on the planet with the greatest number of bird species, six are located in South America, making this an incredible continent for avian enthusiasts. Find here the top places for birding in South America and the most exciting species to find.

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Unmissable Sights in Chile’s Los Flamencos National Reserve

los flamencos national reserve
6 minutos

Comprising salt flats, azure lagoons and flocks of feeding flamingos, Los Flamencos National Reserve in the north of Chile is undoubtedly one of the region’s top destinations for tourists.

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Learn About the 3 Punta Arenas Penguin Colonies That You Can Visit

punta arenas penguin
5 minutos

Few places in South America can boast such close proximity to as many penguin colonies as Punta Arenas, the largest city in Chilean Patagonia. Wildlife enthusiasts can delight in watching species of both king and Magellanic penguins in their natural environments, all of which are only a short distance from the city. Let us introduce you […]

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8 Patagonia Birds and Tips For Where to Spot Them

patagonia birds
9 minutos

Bird watchers get your binoculars ready: Patagonia is a hive of bird activity and a whole host of species call this South American region their home. From colorful parakeets to speedy rheas, keep an eye out for these eight beautiful Patagonia birds. 

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