Going on a group trip may be relaxing, but this mode of exploration can sometimes mean losing some freedom. What are the pros and cons of group travel and how to make the most of your vacation when surrounded by other travelers?

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Find the Right Type of Group Travel 

There are different group travel alternatives. Below is a short description of the most common options.

All-Inclusive Trip, for Those Who Want to Disconnect

When we think of group travel, we often imagine an all-inclusive package, such as those offered by holiday clubs. Though this is the best-known group travel format, by no means it is the only one. Yes, it is suited for those looking for leisure instead of discovery, and comfort instead of adventures, avoiding surprises once in their destination. This is the right option if tranquility is what you are looking for.

Group Travel for the Adventurous Type

Some parts of the world are inaccessible, unless your group is made up by well-informed travelers, supervised by a competent team or guide who knows the area, its specifics, the local language, culture, etc. This type of group travel may open the door to areas you may not have access to when traveling alone.

Group Travel when Time is a Constraint

There are more traditional types of group travel to explore a new country or region in a short time, visiting the main tourist attractions. This is the perfect solution for those who want a short overview of a given area, seeing the most important tourist landmarks.

Atypical Group Travel

There are all-inclusive group travel options that cannot be done solo. This is the case of sailing cruises in the Pacific Ocean, treks in the desert, and sport trips such as mountain climbing, treks in the Amazon, and so forth.

In order to go on these atypical travel formats you will need to join a group and find a qualified guide. The chance of having have out-of-the-ordinary experiences is also one of the pros of group travel!

The Main Pros of Group Travel

Certainty of Seeing Remarkable Places

When you are part of a guided group, the itinerary is established beforehand and you know the places you will see during your stay. Unexpected surprises are rare; therefore this is a tranquilizing way of discovering a country.

Safety and Simplicity Above All

Traveling in group with a guide who knows the local customs will spare you of any unpleasant surprises, and even if you encounter one, a solution will be found quickly. Some countries are for the most part safe, thus as soon as you divert from the most popular tourist destinations you will find notable advantages.

Beautiful Encounters

Group travel also gives you the possibility of an unexpected encounter. This is especially true in theme travels, such as those focused on interests like sports or particular aspects of the local culture. You can encounter incredible personalities and travelers with interests similar to yours.

A Way of Going on a Vacation if You Do Not Want to Go Solo

Finally, one of the greatest pros of group travel is allowing people who are scared of traveling alone to enjoy their vacation abroad, without being limited to just visiting the most famous tourist destinations due to safety concerns.

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