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4 Essential Things to Know Before Booking Patagonia Vacation Packages

We’ve talked about why Patagonia should be at the top of your bucket list but despite being a part of the world that leaves visitors speechless (and reaching for their cameras!), looking for Patagonia vacation ideas and booking Patagonia vacation packages can seem quite daunting.

Why? Well, this huge area in the far south of South America not only requires pre-planning to be able to visit more than one section of it but creating patagonia trip packages can be complex since it’s a region, not a country. Finding information that covers both halves of Patagonia can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled this list of essential things to know before you go.

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An itinerary is an essential part of your pre-planning

patagonia trip packages

Although part of the fun of traveling is leaving maneuverability in your schedule to allow for any last-minute excursions to places you learn about on the ground, Patagonia is so vast that it’s essential you have at least some idea of where you plan to go.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a lot of content about this. So whether you’re looking for a two-week itinerary or a three-week trip, check out this article detailing Patagonian itineraries to get you started.

And it’s important to book in advance

You might be looking to organize all-inclusive Patagonia vacation packages or to travel more independently; either way, it’s crucial that you make reservations in advance, particularly if you’re traveling between December and February, the high season.

For those wanting to hike the ‘W’ or one of the other treks in Torres del Paine National Park, pre-booking your accommodation in advance is now a prerequisite, and we recommend that you read this complete set of tips for planning a tour in Torres del Paine for other vital information.

Keep in mind that accommodations in places such as Ushuaia, Puerto Natales, and El Chalten can be fully booked during the most popular travel periods, so for peace of mind and to avoid disappointment, it’s important to organize where you’ll be staying at least a few months in advance.

Bring a selection of clothing for outdoor activities

patagonia vacation packages

Patagonia is an adventure playground for those who enjoy outdoor sports and activities, and for good reason: with such a huge selection of places to go hiking in Patagonia and astoundingly beautiful scenery to take in, you’ll want to spend every moment of your Patagonia vacation outside.Hiking pants, sturdy walking boots and plenty of layers to keep you cool or warm depending on the weather are essential packing items. Bringing clothing suitable for rain and shine is also very important – and don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. It can get surprisingly hot!

Consider the best season for your holiday

Unlike places further north in South America, Patagonia does have clearly defined seasons and the weather is generally better between December and February.

patagonia vacation ideas

However, it is still fairly unpredictable, so it helps to read up on what temperatures and climate you can expect, particularly in places like Torres del Paine National Park where the weather can change from one minute to the next. Again, we’ve compiled a guide to Patagonian weather and the best time to visit to get you up to speed.

The season in which you travel can also affect the type of fauna you see on your trip – so read up on the best times for viewing animals in Patagonia before you confirm your dates for your Patagonia trip package.

Further reading to help with booking Patagonia vacation packages

As experts in planning holidays in this remote yet breathtaking part of the world, we’ve got plenty of additional articles that are indispensable reading for those looking to book Patagonia vacation packages:

Be inspired with this list of seven unmissable Patagonian adventures to have in 2017 and these four classic books to read before you land in Patagonia

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