Hidden Gems: 7 Stunning Places in South America You’ve Never Heard Of

Rainbow-colored mountains, glaciers pouring into the ocean and some of the globe’s oldest mountains; it’s fair to say that South America is blessed with a wealth of utterly dazzling sights.

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What Can You Expect to See on a Cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas?

cruise from ushuaia to punta arenas

A cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas is a unique opportunity to explore an incredible network of forest-lined channels, national parks and historic landmarks. As many of these places are only accessible by exploration cruise ship, this really is the only way to travel in the region.

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Important Argentina Traditions and Where to Experience Them

argentina traditions

Do you know your bombilla from your parrilla or the history behind the most symbolic of all Argentina traditions, tango?

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Hiking in Patagonia’s Stunning Cerro Castillo National Reserve

cerro castillo

Patagonia is brimming with hiking trails and exciting parks that can be visited on foot. One of the least known is Cerro Castillo National Reserve, around 60-miles south of Coyhaique along the Carretera Austral. The park is recognizeable for the jagged peaks of Cerro Castillo and the cobalt blue waters of the lagoon at the base […]

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Trekking Trails Around Lapataia Bay in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Lapataia Bay

Sub-Antarctic forests and idyllic views across the sound and beyond to the frigid seas of the Beagle Channel characterize Lapataia Bay in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

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6 Incredible Reasons to Make Norway Top of Your Bucket List

Deep, silent fjords, landscapes of rugged, snow-capped peaks and skies so clear that they dance with the lights of the Aurora Borealis, Norway is a country that has it all. If you’re not already sold, discover our six reasons why Norway needs to be top of your bucket list.

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Cerro Santa Lucia And Other Highlights of Santiago

cerro santa lucia

While the Chilean capital may seem to be but a thriving, modern hub of skyscrapers and trendy eateries, if you search in the correct places, you’ll find some hidden, historic gems. Among one of the oldest is Cerro Santa Lucia, a small hill at the heart of downtown Santiago and one of the city’s most […]

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A Short History of Legendary Cape Horn, South America

cape horn south america

This wind-ravaged outcrop of basalt where the raging oceans of the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern meet may not look important. But Cape Horn, South America has played its fair role in maritime history.

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Argentina Itinerary Ideas for Short But Sweet Two-Week Vacations

argentina itinerary

As the second largest country in South America, it should come as no surprise that one visit to Argentina is never enough. But it’s not just its huge array of landmarks and relaxed cities that’ll have you coming back again and again. No, Argentina’s sunny climate, warm, welcoming people and staggering diversity of flora and […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Booking South America Cruises in Patagonia

south america cruises

South America cruises in Patagonia are rapidly ranking top of travelers’ to-do lists. With Patagonia home to a bewitching array of precious, remote landscapes only accessible by boat and brimming with a wealth of marine wildlife, visitors are increasingly being drawn to the idea of exploring this region.  

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