A Delight for True Connoisseurs: Chilean Wine

chilean wine types

It is a science in and of itself. There are many types of wine in every price range, but true connoisseurs know exactly how to identify a truly good wine. A lot of qualities depend on how the grapes were exposed to the sun, the way they were picked up, and, of course, how and […]

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Where to Spend Your Easter Vacation?

easter vacation

It is a little-known fact but, originally, Easter vacations were established to allow believers to participate in the ceremonies and celebrations held during Easter Week. This week, right before Easter, commemorates the passion of Christ, that is, all the events that took place around the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Time to Enjoy at the Highest Level: Luxury Vacation

luxury vacation

The notions that everything has a price and that almost anything is possible with money are also applicable to luxury vacations. Individuality, privacy, and high quality service are fundamental aspects of a luxury vacation.

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Where to Go in March to Have the Best Vacation?

where to go in march

If you are lucky enough not to have to plan your vacation around school holidays, March is a good time to get out. Both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, this is an excellent opportunity to go on a holiday. You can find refreshing destinations to rest and enjoy the sun, or escape to the […]

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Vacations Onboard: A Cruise to the Fjords

Niche and adventure cruises are growing. How about a cruise to the Norwegian fjords? Hamburg, in Germany, is usually the port of departure for cruises to the Norwegian fjords. You can plan trips of between 6 and 15 days, depending on how much of Norway you want to see.

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Prepare Your Trekking Gear

prepare trekking gear

A trek in the mountains is not the time to improvise! Whether you have planned an excursion of a few days or several weeks, trekking requires an adequate physical preparation. Furthermore, you must prepare your trekking gear accordingly to the area you will be visiting.

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Useful Tips to Pack Your Suitcase

packing tips for travel

We all get anxious before traveling, wondering on the way to the airport if we have forgotten something important. Here are some useful tips to pack your suitcase and avoid this unnecessary stress. Whether you are traveling for a couple of days or several weeks, these tips are applicable and will allow you to stay […]

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Everyone’s Taste Is Different: Individual Trip

individual trips

Special interest tourism and spending your annual vacation in the same place and the same hotel is not for everyone. We all have different notions on the perfect vacation. Fortunately, there are many individual trips where everyone can fulfill their wishes.

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Adventure Calling: Round Trip through Chile

round trip through chile

If you are looking for a special, extremely varied round trip, here it is: from deserts to the glaciers, Chile truly offers every imaginable option.  Ideally, you should consider three weeks for this voyage. Chile is often regarded as one of the South American countries resembling Europe the most. Also, it is the narrowest country […]

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The Amazing Climate in Argentina

argentina weather

Argentina has something to offer in every possible aspect: sheer variety and a plethora of beautiful traveling options. The same goes for the climate in Argentina: while in the north it is subtropical, in the east (where Buenos Aires is located) it is Mediterranean. On the other hand, in the west, the climate is temperate […]

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