Celebrations in Chile: Holidays and traditional festivals

chile holidays

In Chile holidays include a number of traditional festivals all year round. These celebrations commemorate historical events, rural traditions or Catholic religious festivals. Often, Chile’s rich indigenous history is blended with European customs to create fascinating and colorful festivals. Below, we explain some of the country’s most important holidays, from the enchanting Easter Island Tapati […]

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Effects of pollution on glaciers and consequences for the environment

effects of pollution

Today, the effects of pollution are having a serious impact on the environment. After more than a century of unchecked carbon emissions, the consequences of human activity is becoming clear. Many people are aware of the subtle changes global warming is causing, like higher temperatures and poor air quality – however, there are many long-term […]

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How to get from Puerto Natales to El Calafate

puerto natales to el calafate

The vast region of Patagonia isn’t confined to one country. In fact, it actually stretches across most of southern Chile and Argentina. It’s almost impossible to see every part of Patagonia in a single vacation – but if you wanted to create a fairly comprehensive trip, you might want to visit both Argentinian and Chilean […]

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The 3 most romantic European sailing vacations for couples

sailing vacations for couples

A sailing vacation is a great way to get away from it all. Aboard a private yacht, you can dip in and out of harbors as you please, enjoying beaches, bars, and food. Some of the most picturesque destinations are in southern Europe, where you can enjoy gorgeous weather alongside rich culture. However, once you’ve […]

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Cuisine in Chile: Food to try on your adventure

chile food

Stretching over 2,600 miles, Chile is a country that covers a range of landscapes and climates. From the Atacama Desert to the frozen Patagonian Ice Fields, Chile is a country of enormous geographical diversity. As a result, the country has a vast range of dishes to sample. In Chile food is diverse as the country’s […]

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Camping for beginners: 7 rookie errors to avoid

camping for beginners

There’s a first time for everything – and even the most experienced adventurers have made mistakes. When you’re preparing for your first proper camping trip things can seem a bit daunting. You’re probably wondering what’s a sensible amount to take, what happens if you forget anything, and if there’s essential equipment you need to buy. […]

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Our top 5 bucket list-worthy adventure ideas

adventure ideas

If you could go anywhere, see anything, or go on one truly great adventure, where would it be? Is there one place in the world that you absolutely have to see before you die? With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know where to begin. For some, it’s the Grand Canyon; for others, […]

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The best of Chile’s literature in 3 modern Chilean authors

chilean authors

Chile has a rich literary history. Known as the ‘land of poets’, this long skinny nation is famous for its bold and unusual works of literature that cover everything from love, to politics, to the country’s dramatic landscape As a result, Chileans are extremely proud of their literature – and so they should be. This […]

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Chilean red wine 101: We show you the ropes of Chilean reds

chilean red wine

When asked to name quality red wines, people often think of French varieties like Bordeaux. Equally, Spanish grapes like Rioja might spring to mind, or Chianti from Italy. However, contrary to popular belief, many of the world’s finest red wines come from New World producers. Some of the best hail from South America, such as […]

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The best camera for wildlife photography: Our top 3 picks

best camera for wildlife photography

Choosing the best camera for wildlife photography can be an overwhelming experience. After all, the camera body is just one aspect of the process – after that, you need to think about frame sizes, lenses, autofocus capabilities, burst settings, bags, tripods, memory cards…the list goes on. However, the process needn’t be so challenging; with a […]

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