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Chilean Landscapes to Be Discovered

The Chilean landscapes are varied and charming. Wild nature is very well preserved, and due to the country’s length, the natural conditions are extremely different from region to region. The only disadvantage of this variety is that you will need to make decisions! Unless you have several months to spare, you will not be able to visit all of the country’s wonders in just a few days.

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What are Chile’s Most Beautiful Landscapes?

If you plan to visit Chile, the following regions are an absolute must.

Easter Island

This island is well known for its mysticism and the unknown origin of its dark stone statues known as Moais. The island is pretty remote but although getting there takes a while it is completely worth it.

The Atacama Desert

Located in the north of the country, this is one of Chile’s most beautiful landscapes. In this vast desert, located at an altitude of 4,000 meters you can go on treks to explore the valleys and gorges, the amazing salt flats and other stunning natural scenarios.

Chiloé Island

It is the second largest island in South America, after Tierra del Fuego. It has a highway crossing it from end to end. This island has maintained its authenticity and uniqueness, with colorful houses set over tilts and fishing boats that create an out-of-time experience.


Traveling to the south of the country, in Patagonia you will find some of Chile’s most spectacular landscapes. The Patagonian territory is divided between Chile and Argentina. There are a number of natural parks in this region, where you can see glaciers, big wild forests and go on a trek in the heart of a nobly preserved nature.

Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers are among the most amazing landscapes in the country. They are the highest geysers in the world, located at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. In the area there are over 80 active geysers.

What is the Best Time to Visit Chile?

Be sure to choose the right time to enjoy the Chilean landscapes.

The climate is warm in the north, and the heat of the Atacama Desert contrasts with the permanent southern cold. You can visit the country any time of the year because every season has a special charm.

What are Chile’s Most Beautiful Cities?

Nature is not the only good reason to visit this beautiful country. The cities are also filled with charm.

Valparaíso is, without a doubt, the city you must visit first when you go to Chile. Its colorful buildings and cable cars set on the hills give the city an atypical charm.

Santiago, the capital, is also worth visiting. It the point from where you can visit other parts of the country, as it has the country’s only international airport. The municipality of Providencia, located near the city center, is a great starting point to discover the Chilean capital.

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