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Where to Spend Your Easter Vacation?

It is a little-known fact but, originally, Easter vacations were established to allow believers to participate in the ceremonies and celebrations held during Easter Week. This week, right before Easter, commemorates the passion of Christ, that is, all the events that took place around the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

All around the world, Easter Vacation is one of the times of the year when the tourist offer grows the most. In most countries the monsoon season has not started yet, so lovers of the exotic have the chance to travel to distant lands.

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Easter Vacation Practicing Winter Sports

Easter Vacation is the last chance for ski and snow enthusiasts to go skiing and snowboarding in Europe. Some winter centers are closed by now, but the ones located at higher altitudes are generally open to receive skiers when the snow conditions allow it.

Easter Vacation to Celebrate Easter Week

Spain is an excellent destination for those wanting to enjoy the Easter Week festivities, especially in the southern cities like Sevilla or Malaga.

Italy is also a good option. Easter Week is celebrated in many cities, but true devotees can get a ticket to the Vatican (if you are not afraid of crowds!). Palm Sunday opens the festivities.

Some places in France still maintain their older traditions and allow you to celebrate Easter Week, such as Mont Saint Michel, a historic, unusual landscape for grand celebrations. Do not forget the city of Lourdes, which holds masses, processions and special Easter Week ceremonies.

Spend Your Easter Vacation in the Sun

Easter Season marks the beginning of Spring, thus starting the transition to sunnier days. This time of the year, winter is behind and we often need some light and heat to recharge our batteries.

The Maghreb countries are a good option for those looking for a change of scenery but have a low budget.

In Europe you can also travel through Spain, Italy, Portugal or Greece to enjoy the summer temperatures. The Canary and the Balearic Islands are also very popular this time of the year, though temperatures may still be too low to go for a swim.

Lesser known destinations such as Croatia, Malta, and Montenegro are also worth considering when planning an Easter Vacation.

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