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The best places in the world to charter sport fishing yachts

Sport fishing yachts are specially engineered to withstand long periods at sea. Oriented around big game fishing, these boats are packed with equipment, technology, and gadgets to ensure the largest possible haul. Some are even designed to explore untouched waters in remote corners of the world. However, many of these boats wouldn’t look out of place in the chic harbors of the French Riviera; and what better way to combine thrills, spills, and luxury than catching and cooking your own giant fish on the deck of a shiny super yacht?

Although many yacht charters might provide basic gear, proper sport fishing yachts will have a much wider range of equipment. These are likely to include fish fighting chairs, live bait, and high-end tackle and rods. Plus, as is the case with any luxury charter, an experienced crew. With the help of these experts, you’ll be sure to land an impressive catch. Below, we count down three of the world’s most exciting locations to charter sport fishing yachts and some of the huge beasts you might find out there.

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3 of the world’s most exciting locations to charter sport fishing yachts

1. Nova Scotia, Canada

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Sport fishing in Nova Scotia, Canada, is truly something else. In 1979, one vessel caught a 1,496 pound – yes, you read that right – bluefin tuna. This set the world record for all-tackle fishing, but many more tuna in excess of 1,000 pounds have been caught off the Nova Scotian coast since. Moreover, tuna that weigh roughly 800 pounds are fairly common in these waters, so it’s almost a guarantee you’ll get the man vs. fish battle-of-a-lifetime. Legally, these are catch-and-release waters, however, boats can keep one or two fish a season. Regulations change year-on-year, so make sure to check the rules before scheduling your charter.

2. Malindi, Kenya

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A little more on the exotic side is Malindi, a town on Kenya’s central coast. The waters around this small town are so diverse in species that serious sport fishermen can hope to land a “fantasy slam” or an incredible six species in one day. These include the blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish, shortbill spearfish, and swordfish. Closer to the bay you can also find giant trevally and numerous other reef fish. All this, and you’ll be all guided by a competent, experienced crew. Furthermore, there is plenty of luxurious accommodation around the bay, so you can combine a thrilling fishing trip with a relaxing tropical getaway.

3. Bermuda, Atlantic Ocean

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The tiny island of Bermuda is located almost bang slap in the middle of the North Atlantic – which makes it somewhat of a mecca for deep sea fishing. Here, you can land some enormous blue marlin. For instance, this tiny island has one the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship an incredible eight times. What’s more, they also landed the largest fish ever caught in the event – a whopping 1,195 and 1,189 pounds. However, it doesn’t stop at the big blues; you can also catch white marlin, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. Bermuda sport fishing yachts also offer experienced crews and high-quality equipment. Plus, once you’re back on land, there are plenty of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and excellent restaurants to enjoy.

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