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Argentina’s Fishing Hotspots: An Angler’s Guide to Argentina

Argentina has emerged as one of the globe’s premier fly-fishing destination, not just because its fishing season runs during the northern hemisphere’s winter. No, the following Argentina fishing hotspots also promise huge catches, astounding scenery and luxury accommodations, making them guaranteed to meet the needs of anglers from around the world.

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Argentina fishing hotspot: Esquina, Corrientes Province

Type of fishing: Fly-fishing

Fish species: golden dorado, river salmon, surubi, catfish, dogfish, palometa.

Distance and accessibility from Buenos Aires: 375-miles (603km), accessible by road.

At the confluence of the Paraná and Corriente Rivers, the Paraná River Delta is rich in golden dorado, a fly-fishing targeted species that is only found in rivers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia.

The golden dorado swimming here average around eight pounds (3.6kg) – but can reach anything up to 20lbs (9kg) – and anglers can expect to hook around 30 of this fish per day.


Argentina fishing hotspot: Bariloche, Río Negro Province

Type of fishing: Fly-fishing

Fish species: rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout.

Distance and accessibility from Buenos Aires: 987-miles (1,589km), accessible by plane.

argentina fishingThe temperate rainforests off to the west and the dry Patagonian steppe in the east allow for varied fishing conditions around Bariloche in Argentine Patagonia.

Anglers can choose from fishing in Río Limary, one of Patagonia’s largest rivers and home to huge rainbow and brown trout, or lakes located in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi where only the most skillful will hook the region’s 19in. (48cm) brook trout.


Argentina fishing hotspot: Tierra del Fuego Province

Type of fishing: Fly-fishing

Fish species: sea-run brown trout,  

Distance and accessibility from Buenos Aires: around 1865-miles (3,000km), accessible by plane, landing at Ushuaia Airport or Río Grande Airport.

argentina fishingA lauded destination for fly-fishing in Argentina, Río Grande offers the world’s southernmost fishing and has some of the best sea-run brown trout fishing in the world.

These brown trout spend up to two years in the waters of Río Grande before migrating to the ocean for six months and returning weighing at least six pounds (2.7kg). Fish who’ve traveled to the Pacific and back can grow as heavy as 20lbs (9kg) and anglers normally catch between three and six of these fish per day.

April is the best time to fish in the Río Grande as, by this month, all of the brown trout have returned from their migration to the ocean.


Tips for planning an Argentina fishing vacation

  • There are a range of companies that run fishing tours in Argentina and who can arrange both equipment, accommodations and transportation for your trip. Double check if flights to get to the lodge are included in your tour package as traveling distances from Buenos Aires can be vast.
  • Most of the companies operate a catch and release policy to help maintain the large numbers of fish available in Argentine waters.
  • Accommodation is generally in luxury or high-end lodges but it is also possible to book onto wilderness tours where you’ll be based in tents and fishing in rivers that otherwise see little to no anglers each year.

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