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The Best Destinations to Visit in February

Although the year is just starting, everything becomes so stressful once again. It would be better to take a vacation and recharge your batteries in a nice place.

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The Romantic Month of February

An important date: February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day. On the day of love, the most popular destination is, of course, the city of love: Paris. Paris is always worth visiting, as it boasts a varied culture, many shopping options, and romantic experiences. Or maybe you are interested in a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Those who like to party and enjoy colorful environments can book a trip to the Carnival of Venice or even fly to Rio de Janeiro for its legendary Carnaval. Both of them are unforgettable experiences that only take place once a year. The same goes for the blooming season for the almond flower in Mallorca, in February. With an average of 20ºC, you can breathe in the peace and calm before the tourist season starts.

Towards the Sun

If you just want to enjoy a warm environment and avoid like extreme temperatures you may consider a spontaneous trip to La Palma. The island, part of the Canaries, belongs to the Archipelago of Eternal Spring, and its clear skies make it a perfect place to observe the stars.

Would you prefer a really hot destination? Then the desert of Dubai is the right choice for you. Dubai has a lot to offer, from recreation to action, extreme sports, safaris in the desert, and, of course, infinite shopping options.

Time to Explore Asia and Pamper Yourself

Another popular destination to visit in February year is Krabi, in Thailand. Thailand is a sought-after option among tourists due to its excellent gastronomy and low prices, as well as its numerous spa services with daily massages. Its fine-sand beaches and with turquoise water attract thousands of tourists every year. An aquataxi can take you even to the most remote, stunning beaches. Even at night, the variety of options does not stop, and you may find a number of impressive fire shows.

Maybe you would like to go a bit further? Its magnificent colors, friendly people, and extraordinary lifestyle make Havana, in Cuba, an absolute must. Anyone who wants to see how cigars are rolled will definitely get their money’s worth in this beautiful city.

Do you Fancy a Beach Vacation in February?

Going in another direction, Zanzibar is a good faraway destination to visit in February. Tourists can expect 30º C and many hours of sunlight. There are many palms, though you must be careful when going for a walk, as being hit by a coconut may be deadly! By the way, Zanzibar is considered the most beautiful coast in the whole of Africa. Good food and a variety of spices is another advantage of this destination.

Everything is just too expensive? Then just get in a car!

Does that sound nice and tempting but it is just too far? You do not feel like standing in a queue in the airport or like flying in general?

Well, even in Germany you can find hot destinations to visit in February. Depending on your location, there may be some options only a few hours away. We are talking about the “Tropical Islands” Resort. Who has not heard about it? This spa and sauna is located in Brandenburg, bringing a tropical atmosphere and forests within your reach. It boasts majestic water slides, as well as an enormous sauna. You can also go on a hot-air balloon excursion, reaching height of up to 60 meters.

There are so many possibilities. Making a decision is not easy! Fortunately, it is only February and the year is just starting. This leaves a lot of room for a dream vacation, adventures and new discoveries, either if you are traveling solo, with your partner, or family.

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