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Where to Go in March to Have the Best Vacation?

If you are lucky enough not to have to plan your vacation around school holidays, March is a good time to get out. Both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, this is an excellent opportunity to go on a holiday. You can find refreshing destinations to rest and enjoy the sun, or escape to the mountains looking for snow. It all depends on whether you are willing to get on a plane or just want to stay nearby. Whatever the case, this guide will give some useful tips.

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Where to Go in March to Stay in the Sun?

If you have time and are not afraid to fly, March is a good month to aim for warmer destinations. The monsoon season has not started in most countries near the tropics, so you will be able to enjoy a nice, dry weather. Nevertheless, the opposite may be true for countries such as India, where temperatures during can be extremely high and the heat may be suffocating.

The Canaries and the Balearic Islands are also dream destinations for the month of March. Although temperatures may not be too high, the weather is always good. This is not the best time to go to the beach, but treks and walks along the coast are very pleasant this time of the summer.

The same is true for the Maghreb countries: the weather is good and the tourist destinations are not too crowded.

Vacations in the Snow

March in Europe is usually a good month for skiers. Temperatures are milder than in winter and the snow is still in excellent conditions. On the other hand, if you want to visit a European capital, March is also a good time. Most tourists have not arrived yet and prices are lower!

Exotic Destinations to Visit in March

If you have two or more weeks available, you can visit most countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Make sure to check the weather conditions considering the type of trip you are planning and your exact destination. Weather may vary greatly within a country, especially in large ones.

Sun lovers will undoubtedly find the best destinations to visit in March in the Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Thailand, and the Australian West Coast.

If you are leaning towards nature and trekking, some good options are holidays in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Peru.

Trekking in Nepal is still possible in this month but make sure to check for risk of avalanches in the route you will be following. Other interesting destinations in Asia are Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In Oceania, New Zealand and New Caledonia have pleasant surprises for travelers visiting this part of the

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