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Your adventurous honeymoon destination: Spots for active couples

When most people think honeymoon, they think cocktails, white sandy beaches, and lying by a pool. But what if you’re not most people? After all, if marriage is the beginning of a new adventure, then you need to start as you mean to go on. Here, we run down some of our favorite locations if you prefer your adventurous honeymoon destination, spots and activities a bit more on the wild side.

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1. Selfoss, Iceland

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

Iceland is one of the most ethereal landscapes in the world. From desolate lava fields to magnificent geysers, there are few places in the world that are quite like Iceland. If you’re looking for a balance of luxury and adventure, the small town of Selfoss is ideal. Peppered with luxury boutique hotels, the town is also well-placed for amazing activities like trekking, snowmobiling or ice caving. Plus, if that doesn’t sound exciting enough, there is an activity in Iceland that you can’t do anywhere else: scuba dive over a fault line. Finally, after an exhilarating day exploring, you can finish with a nightcap under the spectacular Northern Lights.

2. Okavango Delta, Botswana

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

Botswana, Africa, is home to some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. There are several safari parks all over the vast African nation, but some of the most beautiful are in the Okavango Delta. Therefore, when it comes to an adventurous honeymoon destination, spots like the Okavango Delta are hard to beat. For example, the safari park is home to a huge herd of elephants, which you can walk alongside as part of a two-hour trek. Plus, once you’re all tuckered out from your hike in the bush, you can relax in a stylish boutique lodge.

3. Inle Lake, Myanmar

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – has only recently opened up to tourists. Therefore, it features some of the most beautiful, untouched lands in Southeast Asia. From remarkably well preserved Buddhist temples, to pristine tropical forests, Myanmar is a land waiting to be explored. An amazing adventurous honeymoon destination, spots in Myanmar perfectly marry exotic luxury with excitement. For instance, Inle Lake is a fantastic place to blend high-energy sporting activities and relaxation. A great activity is a mountain bike route around the Aureum Resort, which provides beautiful views and a relaxing finisher at wild hot springs.

4. The Red Mountains, Utah, USA

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

If you’re big into hiking, the Red Mountains in Utah are a stunning place to honeymoon. The brick-red rocks and rugged peaks are truly other-worldly, which makes the location feel especially tranquil and remote. However, for those who like to keep things energetic, there’s plenty of opportunities for horseback riding and mountain biking. Plus, for real fitness junkies, one resort hosts kick-boxing and Tai Chi classes. Furthermore, if you’re feeling a bit sore after all the action, there are local spas that offer Canyon warm stone massages.

5. Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

Patagonia is undoubtedly the adventure capital of the world. After all, honeymoons are meant to be the trip of a lifetime, so where better to go? There are numerous incredible locations in Patagonia, but the classic is surely the magnificent Torres del Paine. Filled to the brim with adventure, from hiking to water sports, to stunning wildlife, Torres del Paine will make for an unforgettable wilderness honeymoon. However, just because it’s wild, doesn’t mean you have to camp. You can actually do most of the parks most famous treks whilst sleeping in boutique lodges and sipping Malbec.

Adventurous honeymoon destination Spots so beautiful you’ll have to go back

Although your honeymoon may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, all the destinations we mention here are places you have to visit more than once – especially Patagonia. With so much to discover, there are numerous amazing experiences and wondrous sights to uncover. So, once you book your honeymoon, there can’t be any harm in planning the next adventure, right?

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