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Island xtreme sports in Patagonia: Adventures for the fearless

The region of Patagonia covers the southern tip of both Argentina and Chile. With frozen glaciers, huge mountains and raging rivers, some of the world’s most breathtaking landscape is in Patagonia. As a result, Patagonia’s network of islands, plains, and mountains is a haven for xtreme sports lovers. Here, we run through the top mountain, river and island xtreme sports to get your pulse racing on your Patagonian adventure.

Whitewater rafting in Futaleufú, Chile

island xtremeAnyone who’s serious about mountain, river, and island xtreme sports will have the Futaleufú rapids on their bucket list. Literally meaning ‘big river’ in the indigenous Mapuche language, Futaleufú in northern Chilean Patagonia boasts 40 miles of whitewater. The most challenging section is towards the top, which includes 6 class 5 rapids and the epic “Wild Mile”. Further down the river are the ominously names “Terminator” rapids, which are certain to put even the most seasoned rafter through their paces.

Kayaking through the Marble Caves, Argentina

island xtremeAnother must for those who like their water sports is kayaking through the Marble Caves. Situated on the Argentina/Chile border at Lake General Carrera, the Marble Caves are some of the most stunning geological formations in the world. Only accessible by boat, nothing beats floating through the marble caverns in your own kayak. However, don’t be fooled – these calm azure waters can get pretty rough, turning the stunning sight-seeing into an equally unforgettable thrill ride.

Patagonia island xtreme: Glacier hiking

island xtremeThe southern tip of Patagonia is a complex network of islands, inlets, and archipelagoes. It’s in this part of Patagonia that you can find some of the region’s most dramatic geographical formations – glaciers. What’s more, you can now get up close and personal with these mighty frozen mountains on a glacier hike. For the full southern Patagonia island xtreme experience, Australis offer the Gauchos, Glaciers and Penguins tour. On this 6-day round trip, you can hike demanding trails over both the Pía and Garibaldi glaciers.

Conquering Fitz Roy

island xtremeWith its steep, jagged edges, many experienced mountain climbers claim conquering Fitz Roy is a tougher than Everest. So, if you’re a serious climber, then Monte Fitz Roy is the ultimate challenge. However, for those who aren’t as accomplished, Fitz Roy is still a fantastic spot for climbing. With its huge granite towers, outcrops, and boulders there’s plenty for intermediate climbers. Furthermore, for those looking to climb for the first time, there are several opportunities to go on fully-guided beginner routes.

Trekking the Torres del Paine

island xtremeThe Torres del Paine National Park is arguably one of the most well-known hiking destinations in the world. Featuring stunning views and beautiful wildlife, whichever route you take, the Torres del Paine will not disappoint. Perhaps the most famous of these trails is the W trek, which loops through the park’s famous granite towers. Depending on your stamina, this trek takes around 3 to 5 days. However, for hardcore trekkers, there’s The Circuit – a 9-day loop around the entire park. This route takes in the W, along with glaciers, lakes, rivers and – if you’re very lucky – puma sightings.

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