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5 hiking gifts for adventurous loved ones

Hikers are some of the most adventurous people on earth. There’s something about scaling mountains, climbing rocks and navigating dangerous terrain that attracts risk-takers. These are the sort of people that seek thrills, and consequently, they can be hard to buy gifts for. Do you really think a traditional gift will keep an adventurous hiker happy? Forget the bottles of wine and book tokens, get them something they’ll really appreciate. Here are five of the best hiking gifts that are bound to make for happy hikers.

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5 great hiking gifts for your hiker friends

Whether your loved one is a seasoned rock climber or just starting out, we’ve got a gift idea that’ll have you covered. From hiking equipment to vacations, there’s something for every hiking enthusiast.

1. Climbing clothes

Heading out without the right clothes on your back is a risk that no seasoned hiker will take. Hiking clothes can be the difference between life and death – or certainly, between being warm and dry and cold and wet. Proper attire is a crucial part of hiking, so why not help out your loved one by gifting them some hiking clothes. They may not be the most glamorous of hiking gifts, but those warm socks, proper boots and windproof trousers are absolutely essential.

2. Camping equipment

Your hiker friend has the right clothes, so what next? Lots of hiking vacations involve camping in the great outdoors. There are few better hiking gifts than a top-of-the-range tent or sleeping bag. These things don’t always come cheap, and it’s worth spending a little more on the good stuff. Your loved one will thank you for it.

3. Cameras and photographic equipment

You mightn’t think of cameras as hiking gifts, but your friend sure will. Hiking affords the hiker some absolutely breathtaking visuals – think Mount Fitz Roy on a clear morning. If your hiker friend is of the photographic persuasion, invest in a nice camera or tripod and you’re sure to see the results, quite literally. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, too, as your pal will happily send you photographic evidence of all those wonderful trips. Say “cheese”!

4. A good book (or, even better, a tablet!)

Hiking can be a solitary pursuit. Books can make for ideal hiking gifts, as they offer the hiker a window into another world. Books are heavy, though. Why not buy your mate a Kindle or another e-book reader, stuffed full of enough books to keep even long-haul hikers happy.

5. The mother of all hiking gifts: A hiking vacation

OK, this one won’t come cheap. If you really want to give your hiker pal something to remember, why not organise a hiking vacation for them? The world has no shortage of dream hiking destinations, but few are more promising than Patagonia. Help your friend to book a hiking trip to the Los Glaciares National Park, featuring the El Chalten hiking trails, and they’ll never be able to thank you enough. Even better, go with them. It’s never too late to start something new and discover a passion for hiking. Happy trails!

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