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3 of the best Glacier National Park hiking trails

Considering one of Argentina’s Glacier National Park hiking trailsThe park, also known as Los Glaciares National Park, is a must-visit destination in Patagonia. Covering over 7,296 square kilometres, it’s Argentina’s largest national park. UNESCO declared it a world heritage site in 1981, and that should come as no surprise to anybody that’s ever visited. The Argentinian Glacier National Park is home to a wealth of magical landforms, flora and fauna. Perhaps best of all, however, it’s a hiker’s paradise.

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3 of the best Glacier National Park hiking trails

Hikers heading to Patagonia have a lot of options to choose from. The scale and scope of Glacier National Park really offer something for everybody, though. Here are three of the best Glacier National Park hiking destinations.

1. El Chalten

El Chalten hiking trails are really a category unto themselves. You’ll find El Chalten in the northern extremes of Glacier National Park, and there is a range of trails from which to choose. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, El Chalten will have a hiking trail for you.

  • Hiking the Los Cóndores and Los Águilas Viewpoints is great for beginners. It’s a short trail, pretty straightforward, and you can do it all in under two hours.
  • Laguna Torre is the most popular of the El Chalten trails and, by extension, possibly the most popular Glacier National Park hiking trail. It’s longer and more physically demanding, but very rewarding.
  • Mount Fitz Roy is one of Patagonia’s most stunning sights and is worth the near 26-kilometre hike. While most of the trek is flat, the last stretch is especially steep, so be prepared.

2. Perito Moreno Glacier

If an all-day hike doesn’t sound too appealing, but you want the views, this one is for you. It wouldn’t be much of a Glacier Park without glaciers, and Perito Moreno is certainly that. Perito Moreno is one of the region’s major glaciers, and flows into Lake Argentino. A short boat ride will take you there, and then it’s hiking time.

In the Glacier National Park, hiking is not always strenuous or physically challenging. By all accounts, the Perito Moreno trail is positively enjoyable. It’ll take about two hours, and you’ll see all manner of glacial goodies including lagoons and ice peaks.

This hiking trail is hosted by local experts, so you really don’t need any specialist hiking experience or knowledge to avail of it.

3. Viedma Lake and Glacier

Viedma is a little trickier than Perito Moreno. This hiking trail is not for everybody, so keep that in mind. It involves a longer boat ride than for Perito Moreno, and a much more treacherous trek. That said, it’s a lot of fun and those that like a physical challenge should be all over it. The terrain is steep, rough and rocky, but the guides know it like the back of their hands and will help you every step of the way.

Your reward is an unforgettable view of the entire Viedma Glacier and the lake. This is an untouched and barren part of the world that only a select few will ever experience. It is for views like this that there’s nothing quite like a Glacier National Park hiking trail.

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