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3 of the world’s best family adventure holidays

Looking into family adventure holidays this year? Holidays are a great way to bond with loved ones, but sometimes they’re just a little dull. For adventurous families, traditional holiday destinations and activities just won’t cut it. Sunbathing in Spain? Shopping in New York? Too ordinary. For adventure-minded families, it’s all about the extraordinary. Forget the tried and tested destinations, and discover “5 of the world’s best family adventure holidays in this guide.

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3 extraordinary family adventure holidays

1. Exploring Patagonia

You could spend a lifetime exploring Patagonia and still not see it all, so let’s get specific here. Patagonia has plenty to offer even the most ambitious of family adventure holidays. Depending on what you and your family are interested in, you’ve got many options.

  • Whale watching in Patagonia is an unforgettable experience and isn’t too physically demanding for young children. Whether you’re 8 or 80 years of age, this will stay with you forever. Seeing a blue whale, humpback whale or even an orca in its natural environment is simply extraordinary.
  • Patagonia hiking trips can vary from (relatively) easy to incredibly demanding. Consider how fit and active you and your family is before deciding on your destination, but you’ve got plenty of options here. With young kids in tow, half-day or shorter family adventure holidays may be preferable.
  • Taking a Patagonia cruise allows you and your family to explore the extraordinary in comfort. See all the sights without going to too much physical strain – unless you want to, of course. Discover Patagonia with Australis and tailor the trip to your family’s specific preferences.

2. Shark diving in Guadalupe Island

Some family adventure holidays are suitable for very young kids, though this one is probably not. Mexico’s Guadalupe Island is a hotbed of shark activity and is probably the best place on earth to view sharks in the wild. Forget the aquariums and marine reserves, and go directly to the source. Nothing quite says “adventure” like a face-to-face encounter with the ocean’s greatest apex predator, the great white shark.

  • Dive with sharks, if that’s your thing. Licensed tour operators can facilitate cage diving that will place you right at the heart of this shark paradise. With over 200 individual great whites in the area, your odds of seeing one of these majestic beasts are very high indeed.
  • Observe sharks in comfort and safety. Even the most adventurous of us have our limits. If some or all of your family would rather stay on board and watch the sharks from there, go for it. The boats are big enough – Jaws was just a movie, after all.

3. Wildlife watching in Quebec

If you don’t think Canada can do family adventure holidays, think again. The sprawling landscape of Quebec is home to a wealth of extraordinary wildlife. Wildlife watching in Quebec will surely get the adrenaline running for your and your family. Head to Quebec city by plane and then hit the open road and see what it’s all about.

  • Bears are everywhere. Know where to look, and you’ll observe some fascinating specimens. Quebec’s forests and national parks are home to the Eastern black bear, and you’ll even find polar bears on coastal areas and Akpatok Island off the coast of Quebec.
  • You don’t have to go to Patagonia to view whales. Get the timing right, and you and your family can observe the breathtaking blue whale. Up to 500 individual whales call the Gulf of St. Lawrence home.

These are majestic animals, but they’re wild and they’re dangerous. Family adventure holidays should be safe, above all else, so make sure you plan your trip in conjunction with some local expertise.

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