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10 breath-taking Argentina attractions for nature and wildlife lovers

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Geographically, Argentina is extremely diverse. From the tropical north to Patagonia, Argentina has plenty to offer intrepid explorers. In this article, we run down ten Argentina attractions for nature and wildlife lovers, from north to south.

1. Iguazú Falls

argentina attractionsThe Iguazú Falls are nothing short of absolutely stunning. This network of waterfalls lies on the border between Argentina and Brazil, comprising about 200 individual waterfalls. Furthermore, the falls are easily accessible on foot thanks to several specially constructed walkways and platforms – making the falls unmissable Argentina attractions.

2. The Iberá wetlands

Moving south – relatively near to the Iguazú Falls – are the Iberá wetlands. Brimming with fascinating wildlife and unparalleled birdwatching, the wetlands are a must for seeing the best of Argentina’s flora and fauna.

3. Mendoza wine country

Mendoza is famed for its vineyards. As a result, the lush green hills of Mendoza are also an incredible location for walks and hikes. Furthermore, for those more inclined towards extreme sports, Mendoza plays host to some of the Andes’ best ski slopes. However, for those after something more relaxing, there’s plenty of delicious wine to try too!

4. Bariloche and the lake district

argentina attractions

As a major center of Argentina’s skiing scene, San Carlos de Bariloche is popular with adventure holidaymakers. However, skiing isn’t the only thing on offer at this Argentine mountain resort – Bariloche is also situated near Argentina’s lake district. Therefore, there’s plenty of beautiful hikes and stunning views to take in beyond the slopes.

5. Valdés Peninsula

argentina attractionsMoving away from the Andes towards the coast, the Valdés Peninsula is unmissable for wildlife enthusiasts. For instance, Valdés is home to a massive seal colony and plenty of whales, which are sure to impress any keen wildlife spotter.

6. Monte Fitz Roy

The mighty Monte Fitz Roy marks the border between Argentina and Chile. Due to its amazing steep cliff face and snow-capped peak, Monte Fitz Roy is a popular site for landscape photographers. Reportedly a more challenging climb than Everest, Monte Fitz Roy stands at 3,359 meters tall.

7. Perito Moreno Glacier

argentina attractionsThe enormous Perito Moreno is arguably the most amazing of the Argentina attractions listed here. This massive 30-kilometer ice formation is the world’s third-largest freshwater reserve and the largest glacier in the Los Glaciares National Park. Additionally, for those wanting to get up close to Perito Moreno, ice trekking excursion are available.

8. Ushuaia, the world’s most southerly city

Nestled in the Tierra Del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia is the planet’s most southerly city. Therefore, the town is the perfect base for a Tierra Del Fuego adventure. What’s more, the town offers a great selection of hotels and restaurants and is also home to the End of the World Museum. Accessible and informative, the museum includes exhibits about natural history, indigenous Argentinians, and early colonial life.

9. Tierra Del Fuego National Park

argentina attractionsThe Tierra Del Fuego National Park is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world. From deep fjords to dramatic peaks, the Tierra Del Fuego is truly one of the most breath-taking Argentina attractions. Furthermore, Argentina’s oldest national park also includes unmatched birdwatching. For instance, species include albatross, eagles, rare woodpeckers, parakeets and penguin colonies.

10. The Beagle Channel

argentina attractionsA trip that’s certainly on the bucket list of any wildlife enthusiast is Charles Darwin’s route down the Beagle Channel. Afterall, it was here that Darwin began to formulate his theory of evolution. To follow in Darwin’s footsteps exactly, the best way to experience the Beagle Channel is certainly by boat. For example, Australis offer specially tailored Beagle Channel cruises.

More Argentina attractions to explore…

Argentina has some of the most amazing landscape on Earth. Beyond our 10 suggestions in this article, there’s so much more to discover. To find out more about our Argentina and Patagonia adventures, view the Australis brochure.

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