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What to Do in Normandy: A Few Ideas

Are you going on a holiday to the Atlantic Coast and do not know what to do in Normandy? Here are a few ideas for everyone’s taste: tours, excursions, nature, local traditions and patrimony. We also show you the main cities to visit in Normandy. All you need to do is to plan your itinerary according to the length of your stay.

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What to Do In Normandy? The Places You Must Visit 


It is the best-known tourist site in Normandy, and a key passing point when visiting the area. You need at least one day to walk along its alleys and plan some excursions.

You can also enjoy a number of activities around the mount: horseback riding tours on the bay (there are options for riders of all levels) and guided tours around the town or in the abbey. The most adventurous ones can fly above the mount on an ultra-light jet.

The Étretat Cliffs

The cliffs are a must for lovers of wild nature. Although the site is popular, it is big enough to enjoy nature without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of visitors. You can walk to the top or stay on the foot of the cliffs.

The Landing Beaches

If you just want a moment of tranquility in nature you can go for a walk right next to the sea, but those with a real interest in the Second World War should book a guided tour to the beaches of the historic landing that took place in June, 1944.

Some Small Towns to Visit in Normandy

Among the places you cannot miss are Deauville, Trouville, and Honfleur. Even if you have not planned a specific activity, the environment and the beauty of these towns make this an extremely pleasant choice.

Other Places to Visit in Normandy

Passing Through Caen

The city of William the Conqueror is big enough to spend more than one day exploring its attractions. You should not miss the castle and the abbeys.

If you are interested in the Second World War, make sure to visit the Caen Memorial.

Rouen Cathedral

The city of Rouen is small, but it is nice to spend a day there and walk around its historic city center. Its stunning cathedral is the town’s main tourist attraction.

Fécamp and Dieppe

Visiting these two small towns will certainly make a great day if you do not know what to do in Normandy. The sports port of Fécamp is particularly pleasant when there is good weather.

Tour to the Medieval City of Bayeux

You surely have heard of the Bayeux Tapestry, but you may not know it represents an ancient Norman city. Its architecture is quite spectacular, and the town has stayed safe from bombings throughout the years. Spending a day exploring the small streets of this medieval city is highly recommended.

The Town of Giverny

Hometown to the painter Claude Monet, Giverny became famous thanks to his legendary paintings. The town is perfect to go for a walk, and one of its attractions is the Museum of Impressionism, which captivates thousands of art enthusiasts every year.

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