15 Chilean slang words and phrases to remember

chilean slang

Chilean slang can confuse even the most advanced Spanish speaker. Chilean people’s idiosyncratic pronunciations – such as dropping ‘s’ sounds in phrases like más o menos so it becomes “mah-o-meno”, meaning “more or less” – can throw off those who are used to European Spanish. Furthermore, as with many other Latin American dialects, Chileans use […]

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Causes and effects of pollution on the Polar regions

causes and effects of pollution

The planet is warming up – since 1906, the average surface temperature has risen by almost 0.9°C. In the sensitive Polar regions this number is even greater, with average temperatures reaching up to 4°C higher than those recorded 50 years ago. However, today scientists prefer to use the term ‘climate change’ rather than global warming. […]

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Cape Horn boats: Which yachts can navigate the notorious headland?

cape horn boats

At Cape Horn boats face a challenge like no other. As one of the most unpredictable shipping lanes on the planet, only the most experienced sailors dare take on the crossing. The cape’s conditions are as a result of several factors, largely to do with its extremely southerly latitude. This location creates fierce prevailing winds […]

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Mountain activities in Argentine Patagonia’s adventure capital

mountain activities

El Chaltén is a paradise for adventurers. Nestled deep in Argentine Patagonia, this small town is the gateway to the dramatic landscape of Los Glaciares National Park. El Chaltén is a three-hour bus ride from the larger, busier town of El Calafate – making it the ideal place to disconnect and get back to nature. […]

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Torrentes to Semillon: Argentina white wine in focus

argentina white wine

Argentina is one of the most prolific wine producers in the New World. The South American nation’s mountain deserts and rich soil have given rise to an excellent wine industry, producing several delicious grape varieties. Perhaps the most famous Argentinian wine is Malbec, which thrives in the east Andean climate. Originally from Bordeaux, Argentinian vineyards […]

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5 reasons outdoor yoga benefits the body and mind

outdoor yoga

Outdoor yoga can enhance your practice in a whole new way. Nature connects us to our roots; our relationship to the earth, the grass, the trees, and the ocean plays an important role in our evolution. For example, a recent study found that the naturally occurring patterns in organic forms have calming, focusing qualities. Therefore, […]

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Argentina nature reserves: 3 of the most stunning national parks

argentina nature

Argentina is extremely geographically diverse, with landscapes ranging from icy tundra to lush rainforest.  As a result, in Argentina nature is extremely important. Recently, the Argentine government has put more emphasis on protecting the nation’s astonishing natural beauty. Today, the nation has 37 national parks covering nearly four million hectares of land. In the last […]

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5 of the best waterfall hikes in South America

waterfall hikes

Waterfalls are some of the most incredible natural wonders. The beauty and power of water gushing over sheer cliffs is awe-inspiring, which makes standing at the foot of a waterfall a breathtaking encounter. Some of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls are in South America. From Angel Falls in Venezuela to the mighty Iguazú Falls on […]

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Where to go on whale watching tours in Patagonia

whale watching tours

Patagonia has an abundance of wildlife. From guanacos to armadillos, the region is home to a whole host of fascinating animals. However, Patagonia’s array of amazing wildlife isn’t just on land – there is a wealth of incredible marine life for you to discover. For instance, Patagonia is one of the best places for whale […]

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5 of the best waterfall rappelling locations

waterfall rappelling

Waterfall rappelling – otherwise known as canyoning – is one of the most thrilling extreme sports out there. Rappelling certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, as abseiling whilst water tumbles overhead is seriously challenging. However, what could be more exciting than belaying down a waterfall? As long as you have some climbing experience, waterfall […]

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