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Culture Travel: Pros and Cons

Culture travel allows you to discover the hidden richness of a country. Often times, routes go beyond traditional tourist circuits, giving you the chance to go behind the scenes and see much more than traditional travelers will ever see. 

This type of travel is more expensive than conventional tours, but the experience is unique and definitely worth it.

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Where to Go in Culture Travel?

As usual, it all depends on the location. If you choose a famous destination, one which is renowned for its idyllic beaches, finding interesting culture routes will be unlikely. There are many types of culture trips, and again, their focus depends on the chosen destination.

Combining Trekking and Culture Travel

Trips that connect you to nature, such as trekking, give you the possibility of discovering people’s lifestyles, visiting important sites, and maybe even seeing remains of ancient civilizations.

The variety of offers for this type of travel is particularly vast in South America (in Peru, for instance), but also in Asia and northern Africa.

Discovering a Country’s Big Monuments

The most common type of culture travel consists of visiting historical sites with a guide who will providing insights, context and a cultural approach. Through these in-depth explanations you will discover much more than you would be able to if you traveled alone.

Without a doubt, Asia and Europe are the most popular destinations for this type of travel.

Theme Culture Travel

You can also join a culture trip focused on a specific subject. These circuits are aimed at more informed audiences, so we recommended checking their level in advance.

Culture travel exists on a variety of fields, such as wine tours for wine enthusiasts, recreation of ancient trade routes such as the silk route, trips focused on specific activities like yoga in India, or discovering the ancestral customs of Japan.    

Pros and Cons of Culture Travel

Fixed Routes

Itineraries are established beforehand, even if once in your destination you find an attraction you are interested in is not programmed. Getting away from your group is just not possible. Nevertheless, it is thanks to this structure that the quality and consistency of a trip is guaranteed.

The Weight of the Group. Pro or Con?

Some see traveling in a group as a burden and find proximity troublesome, but on the other hand, this also gives you the chance to meet people with whom you share at least one interest: culture travel.

A Fragmented Vision of a Country

Bear in mind that these highly-specific trips do not seek to reveal all the facets of a country, but to give you a deep look into one subject. This may be frustrating, especially if you are visiting a country for the first time. But then again, you should remember to look at the bright side: you are accessing extraordinary knowledge provided by expert guides.

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