Patagonia and other adventure travel destinations

Organize Your Travel to Patagonia

Traveling to Patagonia is guarantee of having an extraordinary experience and visiting places that few tourists have ever seen. It is an unusual destination that is definitely worth a visit.

Some other charms of Patagonia are its silence and tranquility, the wild and sometimes hostile nature, and the joy of discovering landscapes that remain inaccessible for most travelers, among many others.

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What You Need to Know Before Organizing Your Travel to Patagonia

Patagonia is South America’s southernmost end, and its territory extends over Argentina and Chile.

When to Travel to Patagonia?

The best time to organize your trip to Patagonia is, without a doubt, between October and March. These months correspond to summer in the Southern hemisphere, thus weather conditions are much better. Nevertheless, temperatures can still drop quickly, so you should still pack warm clothes, especially if you plan on going trekking.

Places You Cannot Miss when Traveling to Patagonia

  • Punta Arenas and Ushuaia are two of Patagonia’s most iconic cities. Both of them are a must, and they are the departure point for many one-day excursions.
  • Puerto Madryn is a magical destination for those wanting to observe the Patagonian fauna. Depending on the season you may encounter sea lions, whales, dolphins, and orcas, among other species.
  • Bariloche, sometimes called the “Little Switzerland”, is a great place to spend a few days exploring its surroundings. It is the departure point for a variety of trekking and horseback riding tours.
  • The Chaltén is also the departure point for various treks. It is a must see for anyone wanting to discover nature outdoors.
  • The town of El Calafate is not as interesting in itself, but it is a convenient place to approach Perito Moreno, one of Patagonia’s most famous glaciers. Some excursions even include ice-treks on the glacier.
  • Cape Horn is one of Patagonia’s most mythical places. It is one of the world’s most difficult capes to cross, and has always been feared by navigators due to its strong winds.

What Type of Travel Should I Choose to Visit Patagonia?

Going to Patagonia by yourself is possible, as finding accommodation in hotels or guest houses is fairly easy. There are a number of bus lines covering long distances, and if you want to go to more remote places you can rent a car for the day. Most treks can be done with or without a guide.

If you prefer an all-inclusive package there are many tours to Patagonia that will take you to its main tourist attractions, from which you can choose depending on the length of your stay. Planning a trip to Patagonia for less than 10 days is difficult. Most organized routes offer circuits ranging between 10 days and three weeks.

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