Keeping a travel diary while traveling across the globe is not just a fun activity to engage in during a trip, but it is also an excellent way to remember the most memorable aspects of your vacation.

Better than a simple photo, these personal diaries have a unique touch and allow you to tell your story your own way.

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Hot to Keep a Travel Diary?

Travel diaries come in many formats. Some of them include drawings, but you may simply stick to writing about your adventures. It all depends how artistic you are feeling!

A Travel Diary with Drawings

Being a great designer is not required to keep a travel diary. The objective is not to make an accurate representation of what you are seeing, but rather to express your feelings through your drawings. You can try different technics such as ink, watercolor, and charcoal, but make sure to do some trials before your trip.

If you do not feel like drawing, you can ask the people you meet on your trip to participate by drawing something or writing a little note.

The Travel Diary as a Short Story

If you feel more comfortable writing than drawing, you can also keep a written travel diary. When it comes to style, it is all a matter of taste. Some will narrate their adventures in a simple notepad, while others may take the time to carefully choose a beautiful scrap book. Some travelers may feel content by simply opening a Word document and keeping a detailed account of their daily adventures.

Travel Diaries in the Digital Age

With the rise of the Internet, online travel diaries have become common. You can use platforms originally thought for other purposes to create your travel log on social media outlets, such as Instagram, combining drawings, photos, and personal texts. Starting a blog is also a way of keeping a travel diary. In this case, sharing is instantaneous. If you do not want to share your stories with the whole world you can restrict access, allowing only your close ones to see your posts.

Some Tips to Format your Travel Diaries

A Space for Personal Creativity

Travel diaries are not photo albums, they are the expression of a vision, a sensibility, and a way of seeing. Therefore, it is important to leave enough room for your feelings and thoughts so that your diary has a real soul. If you do not add a personal touch it will just be a description of a trip.

Establishing a Frame

You should also be aware of why you are keeping a travel diary. Are these simple notes taken here and there, and are meant to be used later on a more detailed account? Is it to keep memories of your trip? Do you intend to read them afterwards or do you just want to record your state of mind during the trip? What you put in your diary will vary depending on your objective. Remember to make a decision on this matter before starting.

Use Leisure Time during Your Trip

When you are on vacation time goes by fast. Keeping a diary during the first few days of a trip and quickly abandoning it when things get busier is common. Use your spare time during long drives and waits. Always carry your diary with you so as to take advantage of every chance you have to make it richer.

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