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A New Adventure in Sight: A Cruise in Chile

Cruises are in fashion, and the variety of offers goes from just a few days in a select location to several weeks going around the globe. If you are looking for a special travel experience in a true adventurous style, a cruise in Chile is the right choice for you.

In this trip you will discover the most beautiful places in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

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Interesting Facts about Chile

Chile stretches along the South American West Coast, and our routes cross the South Pacific Ocean. Chile is a long, narrow stretch of land, covering 4,200 kilometers from North to South. It is the world’s longest country.

The capital, Santiago, is located in the central region. Approximately 40% of the country’s population lives in this city and its surroundings. 

Chile is divided into three climate areas: the north is hot and dry, the center has a Mediterranean climate with clearly distinguishable seasons, and the south is rainy and humid.

Why Go on a Cruise to Chile?

The country is hugely popular among tourists and adventure aficionados due to its stunning landscapes, the impressive wildlife, and its numerous, national parks.

As an additional attraction, a Cruise to Chile can take you to Easter Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, those who enjoy a thriving city life and the colorful hustle and bustle of a port will feel at home in Valparaíso, which along with Santiago, are two of the country’s most famous cities.

Valparaíso is Chile’s most important port, and the city is also a renowned cultural hotspot.

Nature lovers will delight with the Atacama Desert in the north, the driest desert in the world, and the unique Patagonian landscapes in the south.

A Cruise in Chile as a Starting Point to a Longer Journey

If the travel bug has really caught you and you want to take a longer vacation, an adventure Cruise in Chile can be combined with trips to other South American countries or even to the Antarctic.

Cruises in Chile can be booked online easily, and you can tailor them according to your needs. We also offer phone assistance if you still have doubts about our discovery cruises or our routes. 

You will feel like a true explorer on a Cruise in Chile. There is a lot to see, and the landscape changes continuously. This feeling may be due to the fact that many of our cruises go through the mythical Cape Horn. If weather conditions allow so you may even disembark here.

Welcome Aboard Australis Cruises

Australis Cruises are best option for a cruise to Chile. The company has been navigating since 1990, and it specializes in adventure cruises through the Southern Patagonian channels.

Cruise season is open every year from September to April.

When time to disembark comes, the inflatable Zodiac boats leave the Stella Australis or Terra Australis cruises. You can prepare yourself beforehand as there are a number of onboard screenings and conferences about the country.

Given that nature and fauna, especially penguins, are such a stunning sight you may want to consider bringing a professional camera, or even a video camera.

Travel Tips for a Cruise in Chile

Packing tip: considering that this is an adventure cruise you should pack water and windproof clothing.

You should also know that the food and drinks onboard are absolutely world class.

Now you know there are many reasons to discover Chile on a cruise. You will have exciting stories to share with your grandchildren when you spend the next Christmas with them.

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