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Going on an all-inclusive cruise has many advantages: time and budget control, the possibility to enjoy the best places in a region without having to spend long hours in the transport… Here are a few tips to guarantee the best possible conditions for your stay.

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How does an all-inclusive cruise work?

It all depends on the type of cruise you choose. From one company to another some small details may vary, for example, the level of service onboard or the care during stopovers, but in general, everything is done to ensure that travelers have minimal constraints in terms of organization. From the day you board to the end of the cruise, everything is taken care of.

In some cruises, time ashore is free time that you can use as you wish to discover the different regions you will be crossing. Occasionally, these times are an opportunity to take guided tours.

All tours have a fixed price for the stay, which includes all basic services, at least accommodation, meals, transport and sometimes visits.

What are the advantages of going on an all-inclusive cruise?

Simplicity above all

If you’re one of those people who tend to be anxious about going on vacation, the all-inclusive cruise will take some of the weight off your shoulders. When you choose this type of formula, all the indispensable elements are taken care of by the company that organizes the trip.

No price surprises

If you go on vacation alone, unforeseen circumstances always arise during your stay, and often this also creates unforeseen expenses. By opting for an all-inclusive cruise, you know exactly what you are paying for and the only extras you need to plan for are the extras you choose to give yourself during the trip.

Opportunity to discover the most beautiful places in a region in a short period of time

Having a mobile home is a serious advantage! You will have no travel time and direct access to interesting areas to visit. It is therefore an interesting formula for those who want to visit the key points of a country and have little time.

Opportunity to visit inaccessible areas

Some regions of the world are difficult to access, and all-inclusive cruises become particularly interesting when they allow you to explore these areas off the beaten track. This is particularly the case for cruises organized in South America, in the far south of Chile or Argentina. The area is said to be inhospitable, but the seaway is a good way to get around obstacles and gain direct access to exceptional landscapes. It is also a good option for visiting usually unoccupied places.

Prepare your cruise departure 

Just because you opt for an all-inclusive plan doesn’t mean you have nothing to prepare! Preparations will allow you to make the most of your stay. Find out about the steps you are going to take and if the visits are not included, it is a good idea to find out what is worth visiting as well as the practical modalities so as not to waste time once there.

Check out what’s included and what’s not on this cruise, so you can best prepare your budget for the extras and take everything you need.

Go on a cruise with Australis

To experience this type of trip in South America, Australis Cruises offers different trips: 4 routes have been designed to explore the inner fjords of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

  • Between Puntas Arenas and Ushuaia, take an extraordinary cruise crossing the fjords of Patagonia.
  • Between these two destinations, it is also possible to follow the “Patagonian explorers” itinerary, which also allows you to pass through wild and little-visited places.
  • An original theme is proposed with the journey followed by Charles Darwin, over 9 days and 8 nights. The opportunity to go through all the legendary places of this region while enjoying the comfort of a cruise ship. One route departs from Puntas Arenas, the other from Ushuaia.

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