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Adventure at Sight: A Trip to the South Pole

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Sometimes you just need more than an ordinary beach vacation, or maybe even more than a luxury cruise across the Atlantic.

If adventure calls, a trip to the South Pole might just be the answer. This type of trip (or should we say expedition?) will make you feel like a true explorer.

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The South Pole: A Unique Place and Experience

The South Pole is the location of 360° longitude, so you can go around the world by just taking a few steps. The first successful expedition to the South Pole was conducted by Amundsen and Scott.

Even today, Antarctica is a very important place for science, especially for climate research. It is also crucial for astronomy, as few places on Earth offer such a clear view of the stars.

Through the Antarctic

Few people have the chance to visit the Antarctic in their lives. So far only 23 people have ever crossed it completely.

What is guaranteed is that this is a unique, exclusive experience. Regarding cost, it is fair to speak of a luxury trip, even if the expedition is more about adventure and singularity than luxury in a classic sense. You can also rest assured that the South Pole is a destination that will not be crowded with tourists!

Impressive Wildlife

If you like penguins, especially the Emperor Penguin, the South Pole is the right destination for you. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you will have to withstand temperatures of around -50°C. This is why vehicles are fueled with special antifreeze gasoline. The daring visitors arrive at the South Pole on an Ilyushin Il-76, a high-end plane equipped with landing gear for snow, so you can get directly to the eternal ice.

Welcome to the World’s Largest Ice Desert! What You Can Do Here:

This remote area is particularly popular among cross-country skiers. Treks to Mount Vinson are also highly sought after.

In average, an expedition to the South Pole lasts 10 days: you must be prepared to face unforeseen circumstances in Antarctica, as thick snow, heavy winds, and visibility below zero meters can affect your itinerary. In this luxury modality, special campsites are established. Having your own chef will guarantee you will have everything you need.

A Trip to the South Pole Has a Price

This luxury trip can be booked for around $165,000. 7-day expeditions to the South Pole start around $50,000 and are offered by a number of tour operators.

What Does a Trip to the South Pole Feel Like?

Descriptions made by tourists reflect a prevailing feeling of being in another planet, while others talk about a deep connection to the environment. Standing on the Earth’s southernmost spot brings an overwhelming feeling of joy to a lot of people.

Close to the Adventure

If you want to at least get close to this incredible experience you can book a 12-day trip to the Antarctic Peninsula for around $7,000, departing from Ushuaia, Argentina. As you move further south, daylight will be dimer and the air colder.

Peaks covered in eternal snow reach as far as the eye can see: the landscape here is truly something special. You can also see glaciers and icebergs floating in the water. Because of this and many other reasons, Antarctica will undoubtedly continue to be the destination for many research expeditions.

Being a tourist in the South Pole you will also have the chance to visit an active research center.

On Site in the Eternal Ice

Another good reason to visit the South Pole is photography. Some agencies even include photography courses in their packages for you to combine pleasure with the acquisition of new knowledge.

The South Pole also attracts a number of kayakers. An ice landscape like this cannot be seen anywhere else in the planet. With so much relaxation and silence you will even be able to perceive the sound of ice melting.        

Bear in mind that if you are thinking of traveling to the South Pole, most tour operators require medical reports to verify that you are fit for this kind of adventure.

A side effect of this trip is weight loss, as the body consumes large amounts of calories to stay warm. This is why expeditions to the South Pole offer menus including large quantities of carbs. This is certainly a special adventure diet combined with unforgettable travel experiences!

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