The Practical Guide to Exploring Tortuga Bay, Galapagos Islands

tortuga bay galapagos

Although the entire archipelago is a naturalist’s paradise with its hundreds of beaches and tiny islets crawling with unique wildlife, Tortuga Bay, Galapagos Islands ranks as one of the best. A pretty cove with pristine, white-sand beaches and waters designed for snorkeling, this bay is an accessible and rewarding place to pass an afternoon.

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The History of Bahia Lapataia in Tierra del Fuego National Park


Bahia Lapataia (Lapataia Bay) is a fjord in the extreme south of Argentina which is connected to the Beagle Channel. Situated along the shore from Ensenada Bay in Tierra del Fuego National Park, it is one of the many highlights of the countryside surrounding Ushuaia. Tourists descend on Bahia Lapataia for the hiking trails, which wind through […]

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Why You Should Try Chimichurri, Argentina’s Most Famous Sauce

chimichurri argentina

Chile might have pebre, Bolivia llajwa and Peru, salsa criolla, but when it comes to the most prolific sauce in Argentina, chimichurri wins hands down. Recipes vary between kitchens throughout the nation, but it remains a firm favorite for barbecues and an integral part of Argentina’s dining culture. Here’s why you should try chimichurri, Argentina’s most famous condiment.

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“In Patagonia” And Four Other Classic Books About Patagonia

While Bruce Chatwin may have introduced the beguiling secrets of Patagonia to the world stage, various other novels and travelogues have attempted to capture the magic of this region. Step into a world of Welsh villages and valiant voyages with our choice of five classic books about Patagonia, all of which are guaranteed to take you on a journey […]

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Should You Rent a Car Or Join A Tour For the Golden Circle, Iceland?

golden circle iceland

A 190-mile (300km) route passing through terrain rich in stunning scenery and historic places, the tour known as the Golden Circle, Iceland is not to be missed. But is it worth taking a guided trip or is it possible to hire a car and drive the full circuit? We evaluate the two options.

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The Penguin Life Cycle: Magellanic, Humboldt, Galapagos and King

penguin life cycle

Ever wondered how long it takes for a penguin egg to hatch or when you’re most likely to see penguin chicks in colonies around South America? We’ve got all the information you need with this article about the penguin life cycle of four South American penguin species, Magellanic, Humboldt, Galapagos and king.

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Classic Argentina Desserts and Where to Try Them

argentina desserts

If there’s one thing you must learn about Argentina before visiting, it’s how much the locals love sugary treats. If you’ve got a similarly sweet tooth, then make sure you get your teeth around these six classic Argentina desserts.

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How To Plan A Cruise From Punta Arenas the Smart Way

cruise from punta arenas

A cruise from Punta Arenas is the ideal way of exploring Patagonia. We’ve previously discussed the main highlights you can expect to see by setting sail from southern Chile’s largest city, but whether you’re ready to book or are still looking for inspiration, we’re here to help with this guide to planning your cruise. From itinerary […]

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Endemic Species in Madagascar: the Astonishing Breadth of Wildlife

endemic species madagascar

The huge diversity of landscapes in Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, match its superlative range of endemic, exotic species. Five percent of all known species on the earth are found here, including 200 mammals, 300 types of birds, 260 of reptiles and over 266 amphibian species; a kaleidoscope of wildlife that lives in habitats […]

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6 Traditional (and Delicious!) Chilean Desserts You Have to Sample

chilean desserts

Drawing together household favorites from the full 2,670-mile (4,300km) length of the country, this list of top Chilean desserts should satisfy any sweet tooth. You’ll notice a common theme arises (both here and in our list of Argentine sweet treats): Chileans are huge fans of manjar (or dulce de leche as it is known in other […]

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