How to Visit El Yeso Dam and Termas del Plomo

El Yeso Dam

El Yeso Dam, also known as Embalse El Yeso, is a reservoir located in the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile, around 60-miles (98km) from the Chilean capital. The reservoir was created in 1964 by damming the Yeso River, and it now serves as one of the major sources of water for Santiago

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South America Tours: 7 Cities to Visit in Argentina

south america tours

As the eighth-largest country on earth, it hardly merits saying that Argentina has more than its fair share of fascinating places to discover. If you’re looking to join South America tours around this country, make sure these seven cities, ranging from cultural hubs to adventure playgrounds, are included on your itinerary.   

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Unmissable Hiking Holidays in The Northern Hemisphere

hiking holidays

Few ways of travel allow you to get as close to a new country as on foot. By slowing down your speed and forcing yourself to concentrate on every step you take, trekking is a radically different way of experiencing a destination. Hiking holidays have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few decades, reflecting a […]

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Recommendations for Choosing and Booking Ushuaia Accommodations

ushuaia accommodation

Rising out of the Beagle Channel and ringed by the snowy, white peaks of the Martial Mountains in the north, Ushuaia certainly feels at the far edge of the South American continent, if not the world. An embarkation point for cruises through the fjord systems of Chilean Patagonia to Punta Arenas and out along the […]

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Acaena Magellanica and Other Sub-Antarctic Species

acaena magellanica

How plants survive some of the most inhospitable climates on the planet has long been of great interest to scientists. Species such as acaena magellanica, otherwise known as buzzy burr, manage to exist – against the odds – in harsh, challenging conditions on the sub-Antarctic islands. Buzzy Burr (acaena magellanica) This perennial species, referred to as […]

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Top Towns for Outdoor Activities in the Lake District, Chile

lake district chile

With its verdant green forests of araucaria and alerce, the Lake District, Chile makes a striking visual contrast with the drier parts of the north of the country. But the tenth region of Chile isn’t just defined by its beauty: it’s also a prime destination for hiking and outdoor activities. Full of national parks and […]

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Donation Of One Million Acres Promises to Protect Chile’s Wild Spaces

Hailed as the largest donation of privately-owned land in history, one million acres (404,000 hectares) were pledged to the Chilean government on March 15 by Kris Tompkins, former CEO of clothing brand Patagonia.

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Life at the Ends of the Earth: The History of the Yaghan People

Yaghan people

Considered the world’s southernmost indigenous group, the Yaghan people once paddled through the remote, isolated channels of Tierra del Fuego in the very south of Patagonia. But the arrival of Europeans to South America saw a culture that had learned to survive in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet practically driven to […]

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How to Plan a Holiday Observing Wild Animals in Patagonia

holiday observing wild animals

From the sharp peaks of the Andes Mountains to the windswept plains of the pampas, Patagonia is a region containing a variety of ecosystems and habitats, making it an excellent place for a holiday observing wild animals. But how do you go about planning a vacation where you’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of an elusive […]

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Chilean Ice Giants: Visiting the San Rafael Glacier

san rafael glacier

Tucked deep into the fjords of the Aysén Region of Chile, the San Rafael Glacier receives far fewer visitors than other more famous glaciers in Patagonia. But this huge block of ice, 230-ft. (70m) in height and covering 2.5-miles (4km) is an awe-inspiring sight and one of the final remaining – and rapidly disappearing – relics […]

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