Expedition Equipment To Have On Any Hiking Adventure In South America

expedition equipment

Packing for overlanding, hiking or mountaineering in South America? Whatever your chosen style of adventure, it’s always essential to be prepared with all the necessary expedition equipment packed and ready to go. From hiking boots to rucksacks and cooking utensils, these are the tools you need for your next South American expedition.

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17 Adventure Travel Meccas To Visit In 2017

Looking for an adventure in 2017? Here are 17 adventure travel destinations that you should definitely have on your list this year.

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Ever Heard of A Husky Safari? Here’s 6 Things You Need to Know

husky safari

You’re probably not alone if you’ve never heard of a husky safari before. But this travel trend – otherwise known as dog sledding – sees tourists exploring the snowy lands of the North pulled on a sled by a pack of eager huskies. It’s a trend that’ll soon be top of every traveler’s bucket list. […]

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Essential Items to Pack on a Your Next Cruise to Iceland

cruise to iceland

Iceland is a country of dramatic contrasts: from its angular landscape of volcanoes and lava fields to huge, milky-blue glaciers that turn into icy rivers and vast, glimmering lakes. But for those who take a cruise to Iceland, one of the most important contrasts they’ll likely encounter is with the weather.

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Introducing the Carretera Austral: Chile’s Ultimate Road Trip

carretera austral

The road trip has long been a compelling way of traveling and finding adventure. There’s nothing quite like navigating a country at your own pace, able to take an interesting detour or stop to admire a stunning landscape as and when you please. While road trips have long been a quintessentially North American pastime, great […]

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Best Places For Birding in South America

birding south america

Of the ten countries on the planet with the greatest number of bird species, six are located in South America, making this an incredible continent for avian enthusiasts. Find here the top places for birding in South America and the most exciting species to find.

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Unmissable Cities to Explore on a Scandinavian Cruise

scandinavian cruise

Cities dating back thousands of years, medieval castles and the legacies of the Vikings who traded and plundered parts of Northern Europe for several centuries: this is Scandinavia. Its thrilling history is certainly one of the biggest draws for the millions of tourists who visit this region every year and a Scandinavian cruise has become a popular […]

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Water at the Top of the World: Ojos Del Salado Lake

ojos del salado lake

The Ojos del Salado lake in the Andes is the world’s highest lake. It is situated on the eastern face of Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest active volcano. The volcano and lake are part of the Andes mountain range, straddling the Chilean and Argentinean borders. No adventure vacation to South America is complete without a trek […]

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Getting from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

buenos aires to ushuaia

Planning a trip from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia? Look no further. Many visitors to Argentina make this journey, so the route is well served. This guide will give you an overview of what to do in each city, and how to get from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in comfort.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ecuador’s Culture and Traditions

ecuador culture and traditions

Planning a vacation to Ecuador? Excellent choice. To prepare for your trip, it’s useful to know a little about the way of life there and how things are done. No matter where your travels take you, it’s always useful to know a thing or two about your destination. Understanding Ecuador’s culture and traditions ahead of time […]

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