Patagonia Honeymoon, why not?

For adventurous couples, there is nothing quite like a Patagonia cruise. Patagonia is a vast and varied South American landscape that is waiting to be explored. Spanning Chile and Argentina, this southernmost part of the continent boasts a truly unique environment with some of the world’s most breathtaking sights, including glaciers, deserts, mountain ranges and […]

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5 Ways To Prepare For A Vacation in Patagonia In 2017

As a top global destination for adventure tourism thanks to its acres of hiking trails, pristine wilderness and endemic flora and fauna, Patagonia tops many travel bucket lists.

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Climbing Cerro Dorotea

cerro dorotea

Thirty years ago, the seaside town of Puerto Natales didn’t have a single traffic light, but it was already the gateway to Torres del Paine – even though many of those on a Patagonia expedition were shoestring backpackers who thumbed their way to Chile’s most famous national park. Most of them stayed in town only […]

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Unmissable Winter Adventures To Have Around The Globe In 2017

winter adventures

2017 might only just be making its slow transition into longer, warmer days, but there’s never a bad time to be thinking beyond your summer vacation. Winter adventures, whether enjoying the snow of the Northern Hemisphere or soaking up the hot weather in the southern half of the globe, are a great way of escaping […]

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Adventure inspiration: Cycle Through India

Cycle Through India

Cycling tours through India are becoming a popular way of ticking off bucket list destinations while enjoying an active break in one of the world’s most diverse and picturesque countries.

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The Martial Glacier, my experience

Martial Glacier

When I first saw Ushuaia, in the summer of 1979, not many foreign visitors were enjoying Patagonia adventure cruises there. Argentine and Chile had only recently avoided war over several small islands in the famous Beagle Channel and, in a seaside city with only about 11,000 inhabitants – it has more than five times that […]

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Argentina’s Fishing Hotspots: An Angler’s Guide to Argentina

argentina fishing

Argentina has emerged as one of the globe’s premier fly-fishing destination, not just because its fishing season runs during the northern hemisphere’s winter. No, the following Argentina fishing hotspots also promise huge catches, astounding scenery and luxury accommodations, making them guaranteed to meet the needs of anglers from around the world.

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What To Expect On A Vietnam River Cruise Along the Mekong

vietnam river cruise

Cruises that ply the Baltic Sea, the Norwegian fjords or the waters of Southern Patagonia are still 2017’s hot vacation ticket, but now there’s a new type of cruise in town. Asia has barely put itself on the map when it comes to sailing adventures, but this is all set to change with the growing […]

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Couple Trips Ideas for you and your special someone

couple trips ideas

To spend true quality time with one’s significant other is a rare pleasure in life. From that first overnight trip together to a romantic weekend getaway all the way up to those extra-special occasions like honeymoons and wedding anniversaries, there are a million reasons to get away from it all.

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Best Destinations for Birdwatching in Patagonia

weather in patagonia

Perhaps best known as a destination for the adventurous traveller, Patagonia has an incredibly rich array of native wildlife. It’s home to a total of 360 different species of birds, including 40 that are endemic to the region and that include both marine species and land-dwelling birds.

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