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Adventurous experience in Guadalupe, Mexico.

Mexico has long been a favorite spot for couples to vacation. Many newlyweds like to honeymoon in the resorts of Cancun, Tulum or Cozumel. There are many exciting city break destinations too, from Mexico City to Guanajuato. The Mexican countryside is also rich in Latin American history and culture, and tourists flock there all year round.

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For something truly unique, look no further than a diving expedition to Guadalupe Island.

What to do on Guadalupe

Dive with great white sharks

Guadalupe is beautiful, and its waters are pristine. It is home to numerous large animal species and is, in fact, a seal sanctuary and dedicated biosphere reserve. Nonetheless, a holiday to Guadalupe is all about one thing: Great white sharks.

The clear waters surrounding Guadalupe are home to over 170 individual great white sharks, and nowhere else on earth offers such up-close and personal contact with these majestic predators. The great whites are attracted by the area’s large seal population, and in turn, attract adventurous tourists for the dive of a lifetime.

Diving with great white sharks is one of the most thrilling activities there is. There is a small industry of expert dive companies that will organize everything and give you the best chance of coming into contact with a shark. It is usually not necessary to be a licensed scuba diver here, though experienced and licensed divers are naturally drawn here. Novice divers will be given all the necessary training and orientation.

Other wildlife

Though most famous for its sharks, Guadalupe is home to other interesting and rare animals. The Guadalupe fur seal was for a long time the target of fur hunters, though now enjoys protected status and finds in Guadalupe a haven. Other unique species include Townsend’s storm petrel and Ainsley’s storm petrel, not known to breed anywhere else on earth.


Where to stay on Guadalupe

The island of Guadalupe is not exactly New York City. The population hovers around 200, mostly made up of goat farmers, crab farmers and military personnel. Unless you plan on bunking up with a local, the best option is to visit Guadalupe as part of a liveaboard diving vessel or a larger cruise. The boat or cruise liner will act as your hotel, and you will have the added benefit of local knowledge and expertise.


How to get to Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a remote island, most easily accessible by boat from Baja California, Mexico. San Diego, California is a popular starting point for many couples.

Once again, visiting Guadalupe as part of a liveaboard diving excursion or commercial cruise is your best bet. If you’re doing otherwise, couples would be best advised to book all transport through an experienced tour operator and let them handle it. The region has various specialist cruise and dive operators, so consider leaving it all to an expert firm.

If you’ve got access to a private jet or other small aircraft, there is a small airport on the island.

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