What Do Guanacos Eat and 5 Other Facts About This Wild Camelid

what do guanacos eat

A wild camelid native to South America, the guanaco is a common sight on trips to the altiplano of Bolivia, Chile and Peru as well as the grasslands of Patagonia. But what do guanacos eat and how do they live in conditions so extreme that few other species can survive?

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Adventure inspiration: Hike the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail

Part of the draw of adventure travel is the chance to see the globe while enjoying an active vacation. Here you have our first recomendation: Go hiking the Appalachian Trail. Location: USA, including Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Adventure level: […]

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5 Of The Globe’s Top “Soft” Adventure Vacation Ideas

Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing global trends, but if these two words inspire an image of extreme sports or ascending Everest, then think again. This form of travel isn’t all about “hard” adventures; instead, there are plenty of “soft” adventures where the focus is on discovering and learning about a new culture […]

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Infographic: Essentials for Planning a trip to Patagonia

Travel Documents Ensure your passport is up-to-date and is valid for at least another six months. Check if you require a visa or to pay a reciprocity fee for entry into Argentine and/or Chile.   Ensure you’re covered with insurance for any medical emergencies abroad. Flights into Patagonia Argentina: Ezeiza International Airport (EZL) Buenos Aires […]

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5 Things To Do and See in the Elqui Valley, Chile

elqui valley chile

While some tourists might make a brief stopover in the Norte Chico of Chile to visit La Serena’s golden sanded beaches, those who only see the city miss a true hidden gem. The Elqui Valley, Chile is the country’s main pisco-producing region and considered one of the best places in South America for stargazing. Plan […]

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5 Adventure Expeditions That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

adventure expeditions

Towards the end of 2016, the Adventure Tourism Development Index was released, identifying the top twenty countries within the developed and developing world that have the best adventure travel experiences for tourists. Using this report, we’ve compiled these five exhilarating adventure expeditions, switching from the High Atlas of Poland to the remote peat bogs of Tierra […]

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The Patagonian Steppe: 8 Facts About This South American Ecoregion

patagonian steppe

An ecoregion found in the far south of South American, the Patagonian steppe is unique in terms of its flora and fauna. Learn about this vast semi-arid region with these eight facts.

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Argentina Beaches For Wildlife Watching, Relaxation And More

argentina beaches

From seaside resorts oozing relaxation to coastal zones brimming with unique wildlife, the range of Argentina beaches that sweep this nation’s vast coastline are perfect for all types of summer vacations.

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Expedition Equipment To Have On Any Hiking Adventure In South America

expedition equipment

Packing for overlanding, hiking or mountaineering in South America? Whatever your chosen style of adventure, it’s always essential to be prepared with all the necessary expedition equipment packed and ready to go. From hiking boots to rucksacks and cooking utensils, these are the tools you need for your next South American expedition.

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17 Adventure Travel Meccas To Visit In 2017

Looking for an adventure in 2017? Here are 17 adventure travel destinations that you should definitely have on your list this year.

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