Unmissable Sights in Chile’s Los Flamencos National Reserve

los flamencos national reserve

Comprising salt flats, azure lagoons and flocks of feeding flamingos, Los Flamencos National Reserve in the north of Chile is undoubtedly one of the region’s top destinations for tourists.

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Orangutan Holidays in Borneo: 5 Tips For Trip Planning

orangutan holidays

There are few species of animal that enthrall as much as the orangutan, partly for the fact that, with the “old man of the forest” only found in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra, sightings in the wild are a real treat for those lucky to experience one. It’s no wonder that trips to see […]

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The Trip from Rio to Iguazu Falls

Planning to visit Iguazu Falls? These, the world’s largest waterfalls, straddle both Brazil and Argentina. Consequently, there are a host of different ways you can get there. Brazil and Argentina alike welcome tourists, and have the infrastructure needed to welcome adventurous sightseers from around the world. Which side of the border you start from is […]

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Words you need to know in Chilean Spanish

Planning a trip to Chile anytime soon? You might want to brush up on your Chilean Spanish if so. Travelling the world is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s nothing quite like discovering different cultures and experiencing other walks of life, first hand. Being able to communicate with the locals is undeniably an advantage, no […]

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A Gastronomic Introduction to Antartic Food and Wine

International travel is all about experiencing new sights, sensations and cultures. For many parts of the world, this includes gastronomy as much as history or geography. When you think of food and wine holidays, your mind may rush to France, Spain or Italy, but here’s one destination you may have overlooked: The Antartic. The Antartic, the […]

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South America’s 6 Most Incredible National Parks

South America’s natural geography is formidable. Home to the highest uninterrupted waterfall, largest river, longest mountain range and largest rainforest, it is also a place inhabited by a wealth of flora and fauna, making it one of the most biodiverse continents on earth. Chances to dive into nature in South America are plentiful; with over […]

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Learn About the 3 Punta Arenas Penguin Colonies That You Can Visit

punta arenas penguin

Few places in South America can boast such close proximity to as many penguin colonies as Punta Arenas, the largest city in Chilean Patagonia. Wildlife enthusiasts can delight in watching species of both king and Magellanic penguins in their natural environments, all of which are only a short distance from the city. Let us introduce you […]

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8 Patagonia Birds and Tips For Where to Spot Them

patagonia birds

Bird watchers get your binoculars ready: Patagonia is a hive of bird activity and a whole host of species call this South American region their home. From colorful parakeets to speedy rheas, keep an eye out for these eight beautiful Patagonia birds. 

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Getting Out Of the City: Spellbinding Places to Go Trekking in Brazil

trekking brazil

Brazil might be better known as a place of huge, vibrant cities; of cocktails and golden-sanded beaches; and samba at the world’s largest carnival parades. But leaving the humidity of the city and heading out into Brazil’s national parks opens up a whole new side to this country. So to get you inspired, we’ve compiled this […]

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Drosera Uniflora and Carnivorous Plants From Around the Globe

drosera uniflora

Having adapted to thrive in soils lacking in essential minerals such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, carnivorous plants instead obtain these nutrients by catching and digesting insects and other prey. Species such as drosera uniflora, a carnivorous plant native to Patagonia and the Falkland Islands, use a variety of special adaptations to overcome the mineral […]

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