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Ever Heard of A Husky Safari? Here’s 6 Things You Need to Know

You’re probably not alone if you’ve never heard of a husky safari before. But this travel trend – otherwise known as dog sledding – sees tourists exploring the snowy lands of the North pulled on a sled by a pack of eager huskies. It’s a trend that’ll soon be top of every traveler’s bucket list.

Intrigued? You should be – but before preparing to mush through the ice, powdered by your new four-legged friends, read these six essential things to know about husky safaris.

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  1. You’re in charge of your husky safari

A husky safari is the ultimate hands-on experience. There’s no one else in charge of your loyal brigade of huskies – it all comes down to you.

  1. But… you do get all the training you need

If you’ve never been dog sledding before, never fear. A husky safari always includes training so that you’re able to harness your dogs and know how to control and steer them along the way. Regardless of how much experience you start with, you’ll easily go from beginner to pro-sledder in no time at all.

husky safariSure, there is the possibility that you might fall off, but that’s all part of the fun – and snow always makes for a soft landing anyway.

  1. Huskies are working dogs – but they love what they do

For those who have dogs, their role is often as a central part of the family and the thought of them working can seem unfair or even cruel. But huskies love to run and explore the wild and although they are working dogs, they’re more than delighted to be pulling you around their wilderness home.

  1. It’s an incomparable way of experiencing the extreme north

From Lapland to Alaska and Canada, husky safaris are a unique way of traveling through winter scenery. As your sled runners slice through the otherwise undisturbed snow of northern wildernesses, enjoy the silence and majesty of being so far out into nature and having the chance to disconnect from the business of daily life.

husky safariWhat’s more, one of the best bits of a husky safari is cooking outside on open fires after an exhilarating day of powering through snow-dusted forests. Expect it to be cold, but after a few minutes back on your dog-sled, the adrenaline is sure to kick in and warm you back up again.

  1. You can combine it with other once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Depending on the country you visit, your husky safari will likely take place between January and April – months ideal for encountering the northern hemisphere’s top natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. Some tours even include overnight stays in huts to increase your chances of spying this incredible light display.

  1. Not all companies have the same ethics

Unfortunately, not all companies offering dog-sledding tours have the same ethics when it comes to the treatment of their furry charges. It does require some research to confirm exactly how committed they are to keeping their huskies happy and healthy and to ensure that you’re dealing with a company that operates responsibly – but it’s worth it.

Not only can you take the tour safe in the knowledge that the dogs are well looked after, but you’ll likely receive far better service too from companies who go out of their way to ensure that they dogs – and their clients – are content.  

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