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Unmissable Cities to Explore on a Scandinavian Cruise

Cities dating back thousands of years, medieval castles and the legacies of the Vikings who traded and plundered parts of Northern Europe for several centuries: this is Scandinavia. Its thrilling history is certainly one of the biggest draws for the millions of tourists who visit this region every year and Scandinavian cruise has become a popular means of navigating the different cultures and countries that are found in these oceans.

With a huge selection of companies leading cruise ship tours around Scandinavia, it’s easy enough to find an itinerary that visits the places that top your wish list. Here are some of the most fascinating cities that you can expect to see on a cruise.

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Cities visited as part of a Scandinavian cruise

Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavia’s trendiest city, Copenhagen is a key port on any Scandinavian cruise, with some embarking and disembarking here.

The Danish capital is both pleasing to the eye (think cobbled streets, royal castles and colorfully painted buildings) and the stomach. An innovative dining culture that includes Noma, the restaurant ranked as the world’s best four times by Restaurant Magazine, means Copenhagen is one of the most delicious places to stop off on a cruise.

Stockholm, Sweden

Set over 14 islands (interconnected by 57 bridges), Stockholm makes quite the impression when you dock at one of its many ports.

Discover the old town, Gamla Stan, which besides being one of the best-preserved medieval centers in all of Europe, is an enthralling labyrinth of winding, narrow streets, imposing cathedrals and the awe-inspiring Royal Palace, one of the biggest royal buildings in the world.

Helsinki, Finland

scandinavian cruiseCompact enough to explore on foot and wondrously green thanks to a large selection of parks and the 330 beautiful islands that make up the city, Finland is a relaxed Scandinavian capital.

But it also has plenty of fascinating buildings to discover, particularly thanks to the Art Nouveau architecture that characterizes parts of the city. Find quirky museums, comfortable cafes and a flourishing food scene as you marvel in awe at Helsinki’s understated beauty.

Tallinn, Estonia

Modern yet brimming with culture and history and small enough to explore with a day or two docked here, the Estonian capital is often included as a stopover on a Scandinavian cruise.

During summer, the sandy beaches of the city draw many visitors, while throughout the year, the tantalizing fusion of medieval buildings and modern architecture never fail to captivate. Visit the Old Town, another exceptionally well-preserved historic city center that seems straight out of a fairytale.

St Petersburg, Russia

scandinavian cruiseColorful, extravagant and culturally breathtaking, St Petersburg is an unforgettable city on any Scandinavian cruise.

World-renowned ballet and opera companies are the greatest stars of the show in this Russian city, but a wander through its magnificent streets to see the architectural delights of its many Imperial palaces or the treasures of the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world, is guaranteed to make you fall in love with St Petersburg’s charm.


Additional information for picking a Scandinavian cruise itinerary

For more inspiration, get tips on picking a route for a Scandinavian Cruise and read about other Northern European cities to see on a cruise through the Baltics.

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