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Unusual Patagonia Honeymoon Destinations

For couples with a passion for adventure and who are looking to explore the world together, a Patagonia honeymoon is hard to rival. Whether you’re fans of relaxation, adventure sports, hiking or appreciating pristine nature, there are destinations to suit all tastes. Get inspired for your honeymoon with our guide to the most unusual destinations in Patagonia.

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Patagonia honeymoon destinations for couples…


…Wanting to explore the ends of the earth

patagonia honeymoonUshuaia, located on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago at the southernmost point of Argentina is known as “The End of the World”. So for couples seeking to travel to the ends of the earth together, a trip to Ushuaia is awash with adventurous possibilities. One of the most unmissable on an unusual Patagonia honeymoon is a cruise to Cape Horn. 

A destination that for a long time symbolized the deadly risks ships taking the Drake Passage faced, Cape Horn remains an untamed wilderness that is still only visited by a few thousand humans per year. Cruise ships depart daily from Ushuaia to land on this small stretch of land.

For winter time, Cerro Castor, is another option for an unusual Patagonian honeymoon. Located 16-miles (26 km) from Ushuaia, it takes the title as the world’s southernmost ski resort and provides all the necessary facilities for an adventurous yet comfortable honeymoon trip.

How to get to Ushuaia: Flights from Buenos Aires and El Calafate arrive daily to Ushuaia. Cruise ships often dock at Ushuaia as part of their itinerary from Puerto Arenas – a Chilean city located across the Strait of Magellan on the other side of Tierra del Fuego.


…Looking for adventure and luxury

patagonia honeymoonEl Chaltén, Argentina’s self-professed hiking capital in the Santa Cruz province is a beautiful location for taking a Patagonia honeymoon. A small but thriving mountain town, it’s situated in the Los Glaciares National Park. Monte Fitz Roy, the second most famous symbol of the park behind El Perito Moreno Glacier is what draws the crowds to this part of Argentine Patagonia.

Luxury accommodation and a growing selection of restaurants make this town an excellent base for the various hiking trails through the park. Day-hikes grant stunning views of the sky-puncturing peaks of Monte Fitz Roy and pass alongside the shores of glacial blue lakes, making El Chaltén a noteworthy and adventurous honeymoon destination in Patagonia.

How to get to El Chaltén: Daily flights to nearby Calafate arrive from Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and Bariloche. A regular schedule of buses transport visitors from the airport in Calafate to El Chaltén.


…Seeking winter sports and fine dining

patagonia honeymoonFor sports lovers looking to plan a Patagonia honeymoon during the southern hemisphere’s winter months, the ski resort of Cerro Bayo is the ideal destination. Located near the more famous Cerro Catedral resort in Bariloche, what makes Cerro Bayo an ideal Patagonia honeymoon destination is its 22 pistes and extensive off-piste terrain for advanced skiers. As a relatively unknown resort, it also receives far fewer crowds.

Added to this are the high-class accommodations and cuisine available in nearby Villa La Angostura. Some of Argentina’s top chefs have relocated to this town in order to offer guests a whole range of delicious gastronomy. A plethora of boutique and five-star hotels are bookable here, making Cerro Bayo a top destination for those seeking high-quality cuisine, excellent skiing, and an unforgettable Patagonian honeymoon experience.

How to get to Cerro Bayo: Nearby Bariloche airport has regular flights each day to Buenos Aires. Buses from Bariloche to Villa La Angostura depart regularly throughout the day.


…Seeking enchantment and relaxation

patagonia honeymoonChile’s positioning on the Pacific Ring of Fire has resulted in remarkable geothermal activity and which takes the form of thermal springs dotted across the country. Puyuhuapi, an unassuming town on the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia is a place where enchanted forests and thermal waters combine for a relaxing and magical holiday in Patagonia.

Located close to the captivating hanging glacier and bewitching forest of Parque Queulat, Puyuhuapi’s hot springs have been historically used as a place of healing and relaxation. Visitors will be entranced by the spectacular views across the fjords which border the thermal waters and can enjoy a range of natural treatments. Puyuhuapi comes complete with luxury accommodations so that honeymooners can make the most of these special waters and enjoy a perfectly relaxing and luxurious honeymoon.
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