The Lighthouse at the Start of the Strait


When Ferdinand Magellan first entered the famous strait that now bears his name, he was not on a Patagonia adventure cruise. In late 1520, when his fleet of five ships sailed past what is now Punta Dungeness, at the eastern entrance to what is the most direct route from the Atlantic to the Pacific, he […]

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ATMs in Argentina

Many if not most visitors on a Patagonia excursion visit two countries, Argentina and Chile. Unlike Europe, there is no currency union between the two, so it’s important to know what’s happening with money – especially the notoriously fluid situation in Argentina. Like many foreign travelers and Argentine tourism operators, I welcomed the recent end […]

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Whales of the Strait

Whale at Glacier Bay

One major highlight of any Patagonia cruise tour is the wildlife. From the decks of any vessel, and on land excursions, passengers can enjoy the sight of Patagonia nature and countless birds – many of them unique to the Southern Hemisphere – and marine mammals such as elephant seals and sea lions. Literally and metaphotically, […]

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What are the Southern Cone Countries?

Southern Cone Globe

Referring to the countries in South America that are around and south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the Southern Cone, in geographical terms, is comprised of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. However, Southern Brazil and Paraguay are politically and socially considered to also be part of the Southern Cone, and so we refer to all five […]

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Defining Patagonia

As the Southern Hemisphere spring and summer approach, our thoughts turn to a Patagonia vacation, but many of us have only a vague idea what that means. Consequently, I’d like to take an opportunity to define the region that has stimulated the imagination since Ferdinand Magellan first landed there in the 16th century. Intending visitors […]

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Patagonia Wildlife: Best Times for Viewing Patagonia Animals

penguin adaptations

Patagonia is as unique as it is enormous; a place where chunks of ice as large as double-decker buses break off vast glaciers into the ocean below. It is an untamed wonderland home to some of the few remaining uninhabited places on Earth and ecosystems and habitats that are rife with wildlife. For adventurous travellers, […]

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Where are the Penguins?

As winter turns to spring – in the Southern Hemisphere – penguins are on the move, but it’s not for their Patagonia vacation. Rather, this is the season that most of them, after spending the winter at sea, migrate to their nesting sites in the South Atlantic and South Pacific, including Argentina, Chile and the […]

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Inspired Settings For Your Chile Honeymoon

chile honeymoon

Chile is a country that forges an excellent balance between an adventurous and luxurious honeymoon. Its long, thin form, which extends from the Peruvian border in the north and curls around towards Argentina and the Southern Ocean in the south, provides an equally captivating mixture of climates and environments. Every possible type of Chile honeymoon […]

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Where to Find Humboldt Penguins in South America

Humboldt penguins

While penguins are conventionally associated with habitats in Antarctica and the southernmost parts of the world, several species are known to inhabit coastal areas and islets around South America. Among the most recognizable are the endangered Galapagos penguins of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Magellanic penguins, which live in colonies along the shores of […]

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Argentina Animals: 5 Hot Spots for Wildlife Watching

argentina animals

While Argentina is perhaps best known for its sweeping, sparsely-inhabited steppe in the south, a thriving range of habitats are contained in this diverse, vast country. Subtropical jungle reigns in the north, while epic stretches of coastline complete an impressive richness of ecosystems and wildlife. Budding zoologists and wildlife fanatics, this is the list for […]

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