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8 Reasons Why One Trip To Argentina Is Never Enough

Vast, welcoming and colorful both in its mixed cultural heritage and its varied countryside, Argentina is a nation that promises – and delivers – a spectacular vacation. But anyone who’s been, realizes as soon as they touch down on Argentine soil that one visit – nay, ten – is never enough. Here’s why.

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1. You’ll never discover all of this country’s rich culture and traditions

From the gauchos of the Argentine steppe to the elegant tango dancers of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, every corner of this huge country is alive with a culture with roots as diverse as Europe and the Andean people.

For those seeking to dive head first into Argentine culture, look no further than a vacation in the north of Argentina, while other local traditions, as varied as the parrilla and the siesta, can be encountered in practically every town and city.

2. Nor encounter even a tiny proportion of Argentina’s incredible array of native wildlife

The Magellanic penguin colony of Punta Tombo and the seals and southern right whales of the Valdés Peninsula are some of Argentina’s most famous residents, but did you know it’s also possible to catch a glimpse of Geoffroy’s cat or Darwin’s rhea, just some of the exotic Argentine wildlife that inhabits the pampas regions?

What’s more, with jaguar, capybara and even burrowing parrots in other parts of this diverse country, it’s fair to say that you’ll never see all of them on one trip.

3. It’s a country that has something for everyone

While travel in Argentina might be associated with backpackers, it’s actually a place with attractions to suit everyone and every budget.

From tours in Argentina for families to luxury adventure honeymoons, there’s far more to this country than meets the eye – and plenty of reasons to come back on your next vacation.

4. And different types of transport for getting around

What with Argentina being a whopping 2,300-miles (3,700km) in length, you could be forgiven for wondering how on earth you can even begin to explore the different regions. But that’s the beauty of Argentina; there are a whole host of ways to get around.

Rent a car and drive Ruta 40, one of the world’s most spectacular road trips or board an Argentine cruise, to sail from Ushuaia to Antarctica or beyond; travel in Argentina is as much about the experience of getting there as the destination itself.

5. And then there’s the food

From the traditional breakfast of media lunas and coffee to the family parrillaArgentine food is both delicious and moreish. And that’s before you even get started on classic Argentine desserts, such as dulce de leche and handmade ice cream. Believe us, one trip’s worth of eating is never enough to get your fill!

6. And did we mention the drinks?

Some Argentine drinks, such as the bitter caffeinated mate, are a bit of an acquired taste, whereas others, like the ubiquitous Argentine wine, Malbec and the country’s new trend in craft beer are more universal in appeal.

7. And then there are the iconic natural landmarks

El Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most spectacular on the planet, stands shoulder to shoulder with other incredible natural landmarks in Argentina. Cerro Fitz Roy near El Chaltén is a beacon for hikers and climbers, while the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the north of Argentina wows with its rainbow-colored rock formations.

On the border with Brazil, the most famous of all the landmarks, Iguazú Falls, is a chaos of huge, thundering waterfalls and exotic wildlife.

8. A short trip just leaves you wanting more

Ultimately, a short vacation in Argentina is never enough to really see and experience the vibrant life and landscapes of this huge nation. Instead, the moment you leave, get ready to start planning your next trip here.

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