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All You Need to Know About Argentina Tours for Families

Argentina might not strike you as the most obvious location for a family vacation, but believe us, with the diverse range of excursions and Argentina tours to keep each and every member of the family relishing their holiday, it’s a surprisingly perfect place to explore. Yes, Argentina is still an off-the-radar destination, but touring this country promises an unforgettable vacation for parents and children alike.

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Accommodations for families

Accommodations in Argentina can be well-suited to travelling as a family, as hotel rooms typically cater for at least two or three guests. These will contain a double bed and a single bed, while interconnecting accommodations aimed specifically at families are also an option. Be aware that this type of arrangement is limited to the main cities, where a greater range of accommodations and higher-quality facilities are guaranteed.

Outside of Buenos Aires and other cities, tourists can face the issue that a large number of private guesthouses are yet to make it onto online booking websites. During high season and particularly if you’re planning on heading south into Patagonia as a family, discuss your plans with a travel agent. They’ll be able to organize accommodations and other arrangements for your trip, thus giving you peace of mind and more time to spend enjoying your vacation.

argentina toursArgentina tours and excursions

Travelling in a group can certainly have its benefits when it comes to Argentina tours and excursions. For the vast majority of tourist attractions, a guided tour is necessary, as public transport and a lack of spoken English outside of the capital can make travel complicated.

However, traveling in a family group can enable you to negotiate a private tour, and sometimes even at a lower cost than if you were to book on a normal group tour. Discuss your options for different Argentina tours with a local agency and prepare to reap the financial benefits of traveling as a family!


Where to visit on a family vacation to Argentina

Iguazú Falls

Nowhere quite says once-in-a-lifetime family holiday in Argentina than the world’s largest waterfalls, Iguazú Falls. With around 275 individual cascades – all of which contribute to the deafening thunder of plummeting water – this is simply a stunning place to visit.

Boat tours can easily be organised from nearby Puerto Iguazú, while young budding naturalists can peer into the bordering subtropical rainforest to spot exotic wildlife, including colorful toucans, fluttering butterflies and various species of monkey.

Puerto Madryn

Another top location for exploring Argentina by tour, the Valdes Peninsula, a short distance from Puerto Madryn, is where over a million Magellanic penguins have established a rookery.

A huge 76 colonies of seals and sea lions also populate the coves and bays here, while southern right whales, orcas and several species of dolphins are visible in the crashing waters of the Atlantic ocean.

argentina toursChildren with a love of wildlife will want to take a day trip from Puerto Madryn, where your vehicle will take you directly to the best places for encountering this region’s impressive scope of marine mammals and birds.


Many families on tours around Argentina don’t make it to Ushuaia, but by failing to reach the city at the very southern tip of the country, they’re really missing out. The weather here may be bleak and cold for much of the year, but expedition cruise ships explore the waters as far as historic Cape Horn in the south and the tranquil waters of the Chilean fjords to the west.

Ushuaia is a destination for families with a sense of adventure, so consider adding this part of Argentina to your vacation itinerary. Not only do cruises and excursions from the world’s southernmost city take in a range of penguin rookeries, visiting Ushuaia is a guaranteed history lesson for your children as you can follow in the footsteps of the famous explorers who first ventured through these seas.

Perito Moreno

For families with older children, ice climbing on South America’s most famous glacier, Perito Moreno, will be the crowning moment of taking a trip to Argentina. While boardwalks allow visitors to stand a short distance from the foot of the glacier, ice climbing is a whole different affair. With crampons attached to your hiking boots, trek across the glacier and clamber across deep crevasses in the ice as your learn about the formation of this mesmerizing natural landmark.

For families seeking a more relaxed vacation, catamarans that cruise across the placid waters of Lago Argentina to the bottom of the glacier are probably more up your street, but still provide an excellent vantage point from which to photograph and stand in awe of this huge symbol of Argentine Patagonia.

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