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North Argentina Vacation Packages For Culture Vultures

Argentina is a country bursting with a unique history and philosophy, as well as a rich culture born from the mixing of indigenous traditions with those of the many Spanish and Italian immigrants who have landed here across the centuries. If you’re looking to really understand Argentina, the north is where some of the most interesting cities are found. So we’ve named the four best places to visit as part of Argentina vacation packages and which guarantee an insight into this country’s unique cultural heritage.

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Our top destinations for Argentina vacation packages in the north

Buenos Aires

The uncontested capital of culture, Buenos Aires should form the heart of tours and vacation packages to Argentina. It also acts as an excellent base from which to explore the other cities in the north of the country that are mentioned in this list.  

But Buenos Aires is the type of city where you’ll struggle to decide whether to visit its many museums documenting Argentine history or pass the time wandering through tree-lined avenues and taking coffee at a charming corner café. Everywhere you turn, you’ll discover another handsome, historical place.

To really absorb the culture though, head over to the San Telmo district for tango classes or to join a milonga and, when you feet are sore from dancing away the evening, watch as professional dancers tango into the night in any one of the region’s wide plazas.

argentina vacation packages

For more cultural immersion, head to La Boca. A former dockyard and now bohemian neighborhood, dancers and artists vie for your attention as you weave through the brightly-painted El Caminito alleyway.


From the thriving streets of the capital to the mellow vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina vacation packages in the north introduce you to this country’s vibrant culture and activities in which to indulge yourself.

In this wine region, taking a tour to any one of the established wineries to sample Malbec on its home turf is a guaranteed way to fall in love with the north of Argentina. Couple this with the glorious weather of Mendoza and the restaurants serving top-quality fare that are liberally scattered across the region and you’ll struggle to ever leave.

San Ignacio

Barely-known, but rich in local history and culture, San Ignacio is a unique stop on vacation tours around the north of Argentina. In nearby San Ignacio valley, the Jesuits founded the San Ignacio Miní in 1632, one of the many missions that they established across this part of South America during the colonial period. In 1984, as recognition for its significant place in the continent’s history, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

argentina vacation packages

Built in the Guaraní baroque style with magnificent facades designed by Italian architect Barzanelli, visitors can walk around the remains of these once spectacular buildings by taking a bus or tour from San Ignacio.


The elegant, leafy plaza of this north Argentine city and the well-preserved, colonial architecture of the buildings lining its main streets make this the ultimate place for Argentina vacation packages.

Visitors get lost touring Salta’s neoclassical buildings, such as the delicately painted facade of Salta Cathedral in Plaza 9 de Julio and the Museum of High Mountain Archeology. In the latter, the stunning collection of Inca artefacts – and controversial mummified remains of three sacrificed Inca children – provide an introductory look at Andean culture and customs.

But this elegant architecture is best admired from Cerro San Bernardo, where a cable car or 45-minute hike lead up to a bird’s eye view of the city’s white spires and the misty Andes beyond.  

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