Which Types of Iguazu Falls Tours Should You Book?

iguazu falls tours

Given their superior width and height over other waterfall systems in the world, Eleanor Roosevelt is reputed to have commented “Poor Niagara” on her first visit to Iguazu Falls, proving that little can compare with their utter magnificence. As such, standing before the plunging, crashing chaos of the world’s largest waterfalls is an undisputed rite […]

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North Argentina Vacation Packages For Culture Vultures

argentina vacation packages

Argentina is a country bursting with a unique history and philosophy, as well as a rich culture born from the mixing of indigenous traditions with those of the many Spanish and Italian immigrants who have landed here across the centuries. If you’re looking to really understand Argentina, the north is where some of the most […]

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Ruta 40: Get Behind The Wheel For One of the Planet’s Longest Road Trips

ruta 40

A classic road trip that has grown in popularity as a unique, adventurous way of visiting Argentina, Ruta 40 or Route 40 is one of longest in the world – and one of the most sensational. By hiring a car and driving it yourself, or even taking the buses that now travel most of the […]

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How Long Do Penguins Live and Other Important Facts

how long do penguins live

With 17 different species of penguins, all of which have distinctive characteristics, answering the question “how long do penguins live?” is far from straightforward.

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Panorama Ridge: Garibaldi Provincial Park’s Most Jaw-Dropping Adventure

Panorama Ridge Garibaldi Provincial Park

Globally celebrated for its plethora of national parks, Canada is where sweeping mountain ranges, sprawling glaciers and secluded trails reign, the latter granting hikers access to some of the globe’s most exciting areas of wilderness.

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What Is The Salar de Atacama and How Can You Visit?

salar de atacama

A peculiar, mesmerizing plain of jagged salt stretching beyond the horizon, the Salar de Atacama in the north of Chile is the largest salt flat in the country. Surrounded by steaming volcanoes and crimson colored lunar landscapes, and broken up at points by flamingo-specked saline lagoons, it is a surreal and highly memorable Chilean landmark.

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How To Get From Punta Arenas to Torres Del Paine

Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine

A Patagonian gem, Torres del Paine National Park draws visitors from around the globe who are lured by its distance from civilization and its untouched, enchanting wilderness. But these are the exact reasons why many would-be hikers see it as somewhat complicated to reach. Edged on the western side by the remote Chilean fjords and the […]

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A No-Nonsense Guide to Sampling Chilean Wine

chilean wine

With a tradition of producing wine dating from the 16th-century, it’s no surprise that Chile is now the seventh biggest producer of wine in the world and Chilean wine has become noted for its quality and distinctive character. Although the wine industry in Chile has only seen rapid growth in the last twenty years, it […]

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Unmissable Ushuaia Tours and Things to Do In The Region

ushuaia tours

Surrounded by sky-piercing, snow clad peaks and just 620-miles (1000 km) north of Antarctica, the location of Ushuaia is both unique and striking. Whether you visit during the windy months of the austral summer or venture to the globe’s southernmost city during its freezing yet enchanting winter, you’ll never be short of things to do […]

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10 Fascinating Facts About Glaciers You Never Knew

facts about glaciers

If you’ve ever stood at the foot of a glacier, you’ll know how magnificent and spectacular these huge bodies of ice really are. But did you know the crucial role they play in the storage of freshwater across the planet, or how much they can tell us about the impact that humans are having upon […]

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