The Sooty Tern and its Role in Easter Island’s Birdman Ceremony

sooty tern

As the most prolific seabird in the tropical oceans and with its extraordinary habit of staying airborne for up to five years, the Sooty tern is an intriguing bird in its own right. However, it is the significant role that it has played in the culture of Easter Island, a remote territory located over 1,250-miles […]

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Infographic: Why Should You Discover Patagonia?

Why Shoud You Discover Patagonia? Wherever you visit, Patagonia maintains an elusive, secretive charm. Its barely-known history, barren yet picturesque mountains and grasslands and windswept coastlines teeming with precious wildlife never fail to astonish. Today we bring you an Infographic about the main reasons why patagonia shoud be in your bucket List.

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Think Travel in South America Is Too Dangerous? Discover Its Safest Region

South America may not have the greatest reputation when it comes to safety concerns, but there’s one region that bucks the trend: Patagonia. Speak to anyone about their experiences of traveling in this region and you’ll find that it’s true what everyone says: Patagonians really are the friendliest people on the planet.

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Bariloche and El Bolsón: The Home of Argentina Beer

argentina beer

Although Argentina is famed the globe over for its cultivation of delicious malbec wine, visitors may be surprised to learn that a new tipple is growing in status and joining the ranks of this legendary drink: craft beer. Given southern Argentina has long attracted immigrants from Germany – a country with a strong tradition in […]

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A Practical Guide to Hiking to Laguna de Los Tres in Argentina

laguna de los tres

Flanked by some of the most famous of Argentine landmarks – the three peaks of Mount Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and Cerro Torre – Laguna de Los Tres is a picturesque lake that draws hikers and lovers of sublime natural landscapes from across the world.  

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Chile Wine Tours Along Colchagua’s Ruta del Vino

chile wine tours

Few wine-producing regions around the world have quite the same combination of unique conditions as those are found in Chile’s Central Valley, the destination for most Chile wine tours. Here, top quality, healthy vines are a product of Chile’s Mediterranean climate that sees cold, rainy winters and warm, dry summers. Mix this with large fluctuations between […]

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Hiking the Torres del Paine W Trek? Here’s Everything You Need

Torres del Paine W trek

You’ve probably heard of the Torres del Paine W trek, whether from the gushing stories and improbably beautiful photographs of those who’ve hiked it or from your own research into Patagonian highlights. If so, you probably don’t need any more convincing that this is the trek you must do on a visit to Patagonia. And […]

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Beyond the Inca Trail: Discover Machu Picchu’s Best Kept-Hiking Secrets

Nothing better symbolizes South America’s intriguing history than the looming terraces of Machu Picchu: an epic ruined Inca city perched atop a mountain in the Peruvian Andes. But while most would agree that this is an unmissable stop along the ‘gringo trail’ in South America, some of those keen to appreciate the magic of this […]

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Penguin Adaptations for Survival in Antarctic Climates

penguin adaptations

It’s no easy task surviving in one of the coldest, harshest climates on earth, so how do the six penguin species that inhabit the Antarctic region withstand these fierce, frigid conditions? The answer is complex but is due to extensive penguin adaptations across the different species that allow them to continue living successfully on this remote, hostile […]

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Explorers and Other Famous People From Chile

famous people from chile

As a country where traveling from the globe’s driest desert in the north sees you passing through seven distinct climates before you reach the cold tundra grassland of southern Patagonia, it’s fair to say that Chile is one of the most geographically diverse places in the world. It’s therefore no wonder that it has taken […]

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