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boating knots

A vacation sailingĀ on the warm waters of the Pacific or the Indian Ocean is a dream that everyone can now afford. Such private cruises, often in small groups, have everything to seduce sea lovers and scenic paradise. Some basic navigational concepts and main boating knots are interesting to learn before leaving. Although there is a […]

guanaco animal

When traveling to other countries, one does not only want to marvel at the nature and the flora but also to observe the animals living there at close range. Especially those species that may not be easily seen in a zoo. Llamas are trendy at the moment. They decorate clothes, various gifts, and are used […]

australis cruise ship

When leaving for several days or weeks aboard a cruise ship, the comfort of the cabins and common areas should be ensured and it is worthwhile to find out what is included in the all-inclusive trip. Australis cruise ships have the following key information to help future travelers get the most out of their cruise […]

mountain vacations

Anyone who books a vacation would like to see something different from home. If they decide on a beach vacation, most of them opt for a room with a sea view.

all inclusive cruise

Going on an all-inclusive cruise has many advantages: time and budget control, the possibility to enjoy the best places in a region without having to spend long hours in the transport… Here are a few tips to guarantee the best possible conditions for your stay.

global warming solutions

Determining the solutions to global warming is a huge problem. We can act on an individual level by making small, simple changes in our daily routines. Even if states and companies must also take measures at their level, we also need to realize our power and start acting more consciously.

horse trekking

A horse trek cannot be improvised. Organizing this type of unusual trip ahead of time, it is usually possible to get off the beaten track and discover magnificent landscapes often inaccessible by motorized vehicles. From one country to another, the level of comfort and involvement required of travelers during this type of trip can vary, […]

luxury cruise

Cruises and cruise offers are many and varied – and every trip is of course a matter of taste. If you are looking for an exclusive travel experience on the high seas, you will certainly be satisfied with a luxury cruise.

flight to chile

Distance calls – if you want to go really far away to discover something completely new, experience a different culture and create lasting memories, then getting on a plane is the only thing that really helps.

marble caves chile

There is often very little to be amazed about in daily life and very seldom unusual things happen. Everything follows a pattern and there is a lot of routine. If you want to be amazed once again, you can visit a magical place you will certainly never forget: the marble caves in Chile.