Patagonia and other adventure travel destinations

Vacations on a Luxury Cruise

A luxury cruise is a unique gift. Discovering the world from the sea is the best option for certain regions. Navigating on a luxury ship, while enjoying its quality services, will provide your experience with a completely new dimension.

Come to South America and discover the natural wealth of these lands with Australis.

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Discover Patagonia on a Luxury Cruise

This region, located on the southernmost end of America, can be explored best from the sea. You can marvel at the incredible landscapes of the fjords and their islands while crossing the legendary Cape Horn. These amazing experiences can only be part of a well-organized cruise with qualified guides.

The following destinations are excellent options to explore while on a luxury cruise:

  • Cape Horn: It is, without a doubt, the most amazing landscape to experience from the sea. One of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves, it is a mythical place and a privileged spot to watch the local flora and fauna. Despite its reputation, crossing it on a luxury cruise may be a smooth experience if weather conditions are favorable.
  • Ainsworth Bay: It is a large fjord located near Tierra del Fuego. Situated in the heart of Alberto de Agostini National Park, the area is perfect for wildlife observation. Within the same park, Pía Glacier is also a spot nature lovers cannot miss.
  • Águila Glacier: Also located in the surroundings of Alberto de Agostini National Park, you can explore the lagoon and the forest on a luxury cruise.
  • Tucker Islets: A perfect spot for those wanting to watch the Magellanic Penguin.
  • Wulaia Bay: After disembarking on our Zodiac Boats, you can go on a trek to the heart of the forests.
  • Magdalena Island: Yet another great spot to observe the Magellanic Penguins. After disembarking you can go on a trek to discover the magic of this island.

Why Choose a Luxury Cruise?

Navigating on a luxury cruise may be costly, but this type of experience is out of the ordinary and will definitely become a unique vacation memory.

  • The service is flawless, everything is well-planned, and you will only need to worry about relaxing and having a good time. No unforeseen circumstances will ruin your vacation, and this is one of the main advantages of traveling aboard a luxury cruise.
  • Some regions are harder to reach, or even completely inaccessible, except on our organized trips.
  • Additionally, having an experienced guide and being part of a group will allow you to visit all the places of interest in a short time.
  • Logistics may be a headache when traveling alone. When you book a luxury cruise all these concerns simply go away.
  • By choosing one of these all-inclusive packages you can make the most of your trip, visiting a large number of spots and interesting places in a short period of time. This type of vacation is ideal if you only have a few days and want to discover a country’s most beautiful places.
  • Being on a luxury cruise is extremely exotic. Sometimes, even when on vacation, you cannot completely disconnect from your daily life. By choosing this atypical form of traveling, detaching from the routine and daily life is guaranteed!

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