The Amazing Climate in Argentina

argentina weather

Argentina has something to offer in every possible aspect: sheer variety and a plethora of beautiful traveling options. The same goes for the climate in Argentina: while in the north it is subtropical, in the east (where Buenos Aires is located) it is Mediterranean. On the other hand, in the west, the climate is temperate […]

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The Special Charm of the Atacama Desert

atacama desert charm

Imagine spending the holidays in the middle of a desert. Can you picture it? For true adventurers, anything is possible! The Atacama Desert is not just any desserts, it is the world’s driest place. It stretches along the South American Pacific Coast, between the latitudes 18° and 27° south, boasting a length of 1200 kilometers.

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Endangered Whale Species in our Oceans

endangered whale species

Whales are the largest animals living on Earth, though their size has not been able to protect them so far. Although whale hunting is prohibited, it still happens in some parts of the world. Additionally, the collateral effects of pollution and intensive fishing are the primary factors for the endangerment of whales and the destruction […]

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How to Overcome Flight Anxiety?

flight anxiety

Flight anxiety is more common than we think. It is believed that around one third of the population experiences this phobia, with intensities ranging from slight uneasiness to panic attacks. Here are some pieces of advice to overcome this feeling that may sometimes become disabling. Some Simple Tips to Make Flight Anxiety Go Away Stay […]

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What Famous Monuments Can You Visit in Patagonia?

famous monument patagonia

When we think about Patagonia it is common to imagine wild nature and its numerous natural parks, but what many people do not know is that the southern end of the American continent also hosts a number of famous monuments. There are historical sites, museums and many areas of interest. Below is a list of […]

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Endangered Marine Animals

endangered marine animals

Ironically, in the case of marine animals the larger the species, the more threatened they are. Man has played a sad role in the accelerated extinction of marine species. Intensive fishing is one of the main causes and its effect is much more important than you could think. Not only a large number of marine […]

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Senior travel in Patagonia: Why cruising is the best option

senior travel

The wild, untamed wilderness of Patagonia is a destination that should definitely be on your bucket list. With everything from vast, verdant grassland to majestic glaciers, the landscape in Patagonia is nothing short of breathtaking. What’s more, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all, with no cell reception, no internet, and complete […]

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Tips and tricks for a Patagonian vacation with a newborn

vacation with newborn

You might think that with a newborn baby, your days of adventuring are over. If you’re serious about exploring, the thought of waiting years and years to climb mountain peaks and sail open ocean again might be pretty crushing. However, this needn’t be the case – although taking a newborn baby into the wilderness may […]

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Cordero al palo: The quintessential Patagonia food

patagonia food

Exploring the wilds of Patagonia is for adventurous spirits – and the cuisine is all part of the excitement. In Patagonia food is largely based around meat dishes. The defining regional dish is cordero al palo, otherwise known as asado al palo. This name refers how Patagonians traditionally cook the lamb. To prepare cordero al […]

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How to get from Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls

buenos aires to iguazu falls

Iguazú Falls is one of the natural world’s most breathtaking sights. The power and volume of the waterfall are truly awesome, with 450,000 cubic feet of water gushing over the sheer cliff face every second. Iguazú is, in fact, a chain of 275 separate falls, spanning across nearly two miles. The falls lie on the […]

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