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The Atacama Desert in Chile 

The Atacama Desert is possibly the oldest desert, and it is known as the driest non-polar place on earth: This is because the Atacama Desert has been extremely dry for at least 3 million years. Research by a group of British scientists has shown that some river beds have been dry for as much as […]

desert in south america

The deserts of South America are full of life and spectacular sites. Martian landscapes, petrified forests, magnificent vivid colors and formations, cave paintings, spouting geysers, hot springs, saltwater lagoons, and some of the most remarkable night skies on the planet. And, of course, flamingos. The Atacama Desert, northern Chile The most famous desert in South […]

drinks from argentina

Argentina is known for its good meat, and in general, you eat very well in this beautiful country! Beverages, however, are also very distinctive and have a great impact on Argentine cuisine and culture. Some drinks from Argentina are known beyond the country’s borders and are also highly appreciated abroad. Here are some of the […]

Waterfalls of Argentina

Argentina is home to a huge variety of falls. The most famous waterfall of Argentina without question is Iguazu. It is a magical place. It is worth a visit to Argentina just for this experience. There are other beautiful waterfalls in Argentina too – stunning, natural cascades in amazing places – just on a smaller […]

travel with light packing

If you’ve ever lost your luggage on a flight, you probably wish you had packed lightly and carried on your bag instead. Losing luggage isn’t the only reason to pack lightly. Convenience and simplicity are also good reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss how to travel with light packing, so you can enjoy an easygoing […]

argentinian dances

Tango – it takes two baby! Sensual, intense and dramatic, the tango is Argentina’s best-known export. A distinctive art form, the tango is recognised worldwide as the definitive Argentinian dance (though Uruguay lays claim to it too!).  With intense eye contact and complex and intricate footwork (goodness knows how the women manage it in those […]

best time to visit chile

Chile is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the last five to ten years and even made it into Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations. If you are wondering why, it is due to its great diversity of landscapes, climates, and destinations across the country. But when is the best time to visit […]

Chilean fjords

Chile is home to a huge range of landforms with formidable mountains, extreme desserts and ice-capped volcanos. But the southern stretch of fjords, channels and islets, like a mass of puzzle pieces pulled apart, is an unforgettable highlight of any trip to the South American continent. 

penguin adaptations

Patagonia is as unique as it is vast: a land where chunks of ice the size of double-decker buses break off ancient glaciers and plummet spectacularly into the ocean. It is a rare untamed landscape and location of some of the few remaining uninhabited places on Earth with ecosystems and habitats thriving with wildlife. For […]

patagonia itinerary

The vast region of Patagonia is a perfect vacation for those wanting an unforgettable outdoor adventure. From the stunning fjords and natural parks teeming with wildlife in the south to the glistening lakes with a crystal-blue hue in the north, there’s really no reason everyone shouldn’t have a Patagonia itinerary ready to go.