Culture Travel: Pros and Cons

cultural travel pros and cons

Culture travel allows you to discover the hidden richness of a country. Often times, routes go beyond traditional tourist circuits, giving you the chance to go behind the scenes and see much more than traditional travelers will ever see.  This type of travel is more expensive than conventional tours, but the experience is unique and […]

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Discover the South American Waterfalls

waterfall south america

Waterfalls have a special energy. They are fascinating, evoke power, and generate a number of legends around them, such as the myth of what lies behind the water curtain. Did you know that the world’s highest waterfalls are located in South America?

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The Perfect Vacation Thanks to a Travel Blog

perfect vacation

Vacations should always be planned, but before going on one you need to pick a destination. Is it time to fulfill a long standing dream and go where you have always wanted to go? Have you been inspired by a movie or a travel magazine? Perhaps you found a travel blog that gave you the […]

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A New Adventure in Sight: A Cruise in Chile

adventure cruise chile

Cruises are in fashion, and the variety of offers goes from just a few days in a select location to several weeks going around the globe. If you are looking for a special travel experience in a true adventurous style, a cruise in Chile is the right choice for you. In this trip you will […]

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How to Make a Travel Diary?

travel diary

Keeping a travel diary while traveling across the globe is not just a fun activity to engage in during a trip, but it is also an excellent way to remember the most memorable aspects of your vacation. Better than a simple photo, these personal diaries have a unique touch and allow you to tell your […]

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Drinking Argentinian Mate. An Art in Itself

drink argentinian mate

Without a doubt, mate is Argentina’s national beverage. This plant, primarily grown in the country’s northeast, has been used for centuries due to its energizing properties. Heavily consumed in Argentina at all times of the day, mate is also a synonym of community, and sharing a gourd is not uncommon.

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Organize Your Travel to Patagonia

organise travel to patagonia

Traveling to Patagonia is guarantee of having an extraordinary experience and visiting places that few tourists have ever seen. It is an unusual destination that is definitely worth a visit.

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The Best Tips for a Relaxing Long-Distance Flight

long distance flight tips

The allure of discovering a completely new destination at the other end of the world is simply too tempting. Except for extremely long navigations, a long-distance flight is virtually the only way to get to the other end of the world. Although feared by many, there are some useful tips that can make your time […]

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Adventure at Sight: A Trip to the South Pole

south pole travel

Sometimes you just need more than an ordinary beach vacation, or maybe even more than a luxury cruise across the Atlantic. If adventure calls, a trip to the South Pole might just be the answer. This type of trip (or should we say expedition?) will make you feel like a true explorer.

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Going on a Cruise with a Newborn

cruise with newborn

Cruises are still hugely popular when it comes to tourism, and the variety of offers and opportunities has never ceased to grow. In the past, they were mostly seen as an attraction for the elderly and the retired, but nowadays the new, modern, luxury transatlantic ships also attract young families, couples, and athletes.

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