Pampas fox – the wild dog of the pampas

pampas fox

Do you know where the pampas fox lives? As the name suggests, he lives in the pampas. But where exactly? In South America! This little fox roams the Steppe’s plains in Argentina, but it spreads even to the east of Bolivia, the west of Paraguay, and a part of south-east Brazil. In this article, you […]

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An extensive travel blog on Patagonia

patagonia travel blog

Should you plan to discover the south of Argentina and Chile, you can, of course, consult documentary sites in this area. You’ll get lots of factual information about recommended tours or the most enjoyable times of the year to visit. But also consider visiting travel blogs for different kinds of opinions. On a travel blog, articles […]

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Group travel South America – a good idea!

group travel south america

South America is becoming a more and more popular travel destination. It is up to you whether you enjoy a round trip over the whole continent for several months or limit yourself to one or two countries. A South America tour is definitely a good idea. However, many people often ask themselves: what is the best way […]

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Iguazu National Park, a sea of greenery in Northern Argentina

iguazu national park

In northeastern Argentina, the Iguazu National Park covers more than 68,000 hectares. For tourists who visit Argentina in the Iguazu area, the main point of interest is the huge waterfalls. The natural park around the waterfalls is also worth a visit. In this exceptional space, you will have the chance to discover a preserved biodiversity and evolve in […]

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Interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan and his history

interesting facts about ferdinand magellan

Here are some interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan, who he was and his achievements that made him so famous. We all know at least by name the famous Portuguese explorer who lived between the 15th and 16th centuries, but do you know why he is so famous? A strait in the south of the American […]

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Looking for cruise experts?

cruise professionals

What do we choose as our next destination and how do we get there? Instead of traveling by plane to a single destination, you can explore many places by the water, aboard a cruise ship. This type of travel is gaining popularity and available in a variety of price ranges, routes, and ships. For example, […]

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Why do we have to learn how to tie boating knots?

boating knots

A vacation sailing on the warm waters of the Pacific or the Indian Ocean is a dream that everyone can now afford. Such private cruises, often in small groups, have everything to seduce sea lovers and scenic paradise. Some basic navigational concepts and main boating knots are interesting to learn before leaving. Although there is a […]

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Where can you see guanacos in South America?

guanaco animal

When traveling to other countries, one does not only want to marvel at the nature and the flora but also to observe the animals living there at close range. Especially those species that may not be easily seen in a zoo. Llamas are trendy at the moment. They decorate clothes, various gifts, and are used […]

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Boarding an Australis cruise ship

australis cruise ship

When leaving for several days or weeks aboard a cruise ship, the comfort of the cabins and common areas should be ensured and it is worthwhile to find out what is included in the all-inclusive trip. Australis cruise ships have the following key information to help future travelers get the most out of their cruise […]

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Mountain vacation with panoramic view

mountain vacations

Anyone who books a vacation would like to see something different from home. If they decide on a beach vacation, most of them opt for a room with a sea view.

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