Go on a horse trekking trip

horse trekking

A horse trek cannot be improvised. Organizing this type of unusual trip ahead of time, it is usually possible to get off the beaten track and discover magnificent landscapes often inaccessible by motorized vehicles. From one country to another, the level of comfort and involvement required of travelers during this type of trip can vary, […]

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The Pleasure of a Luxury Cruise

luxury cruise

Cruises and cruise offers are many and varied – and every trip is of course a matter of taste. If you are looking for an exclusive travel experience on the high seas, you will certainly be satisfied with a luxury cruise.

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Flight to Chile

flight to chile

Distance calls – if you want to go really far away to discover something completely new, experience a different culture and create lasting memories, then getting on a plane is the only thing that really helps.

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Welcome to the marble caves in Chile

marble caves chile

There is often very little to be amazed about in daily life and very seldom unusual things happen. Everything follows a pattern and there is a lot of routine. If you want to be amazed once again, you can visit a magical place you will certainly never forget: the marble caves in Chile.

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Ferdinand Magellan’s Great Discoveries

ferdinand magellan discoveries

To mark the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world by an explorer, let’s recall Ferdinand Magellan’s great discoveries. This expedition set out from Spain on September 20, 1519, and the explorer who had organized it died. A look back on an extraordinary journey back then.

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Vacation on Sight: A Cruise in South America

cruise in south america

Who has not dreamt of going on a cruise and watching the sunset over the sea, enjoying world-class cuisine, and having unforgettable experiences with unique excursions on a fully equipped ship? With the amount of cruises available nowadays, choosing is not easy, especially if you do not know exactly what you want.

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Culture Travel: Pros and Cons

cultural travel pros and cons

Culture travel allows you to discover the hidden richness of a country. Often times, routes go beyond traditional tourist circuits, giving you the chance to go behind the scenes and see much more than traditional travelers will ever see.  This type of travel is more expensive than conventional tours, but the experience is unique and […]

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Discover the South American Waterfalls

waterfall south america

Waterfalls have a special energy. They are fascinating, evoke power, and generate a number of legends around them, such as the myth of what lies behind the water curtain. Did you know that the world’s highest waterfalls are located in South America?

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The Perfect Vacation Thanks to a Travel Blog

perfect vacation

Vacations should always be planned, but before going on one you need to pick a destination. Is it time to fulfill a long standing dream and go where you have always wanted to go? Have you been inspired by a movie or a travel magazine? Perhaps you found a travel blog that gave you the […]

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A New Adventure in Sight: A Cruise in Chile

adventure cruise chile

Cruises are in fashion, and the variety of offers goes from just a few days in a select location to several weeks going around the globe. If you are looking for a special travel experience in a true adventurous style, a cruise in Chile is the right choice for you. In this trip you will […]

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