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Group travel South America – a good idea!

South America is becoming a more and more popular travel destination. It is up to you whether you enjoy a round trip over the whole continent for several months or limit yourself to one or two countries. A South America tour is definitely a good idea. However, many people often ask themselves: what is the best way to travel through South America? Is it possible to travel alone there? Safety issues, in particular, are on everyone’s mind. Besides this topic, depending on the situation and country, a solo trip is boring for many people! That’s why group travel through South America is the best option. You can join alone or even with your partner or your partner’s family. In this article, you will learn more about group travel in South America and why you might choose to do so.

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Advantages of group travel to South America

Many people are reluctant to book group travel because they often only think of crowded buses and long queues. But this is not necessarily the case! An increasing number of providers are organizing trips in small and manageable groups, depending on your taste, from two to twelve people, for example. Probably one of the most significant advantages of a group trip is the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything. The provider or agency will arrange everything for you, from arrival by plane, ship or bus, to excursions, accommodation, and transport. All you have to do is pack your suitcase or backpack, and off you go.

Another advantage is that you are not traveling alone and are accompanied by experienced guides and tour leaders who already know the destinations and have the best insider tips and a list of no-go at hand. Also, a group trip allows you to meet many new people and maybe even make friends for life or meet the love of your life! Group travel is especially beneficial in South America, as you often have to travel long distances, and a long bus ride is the best way to spend time with a new acquaintance.

Another advantage of a group tour is that the tour guide is sure to speak your language. This means that you can explore and get to know countries without a profound knowledge of the language always have somebody at your side who can communicate well. The advantage in South America is that Spanish is spoken everywhere except in Brazil, so you will easily interact with the natives if you learn a few phrases. 

Good examples for group travel South America

South America is a continent and certainly not a small one, with 17.84 million km². One could travel probably for one year only through South America and still have destinations left. However, below are some highlights of selected South American tours. Colombia is a popular destination for individuals and groups, you will find a wide range of round trips in small groups and one that will certainly suit your taste. For example, you can depart from the capital Bogotá, then explore the jungle and perhaps the Tatacoa desert, learn more about the coffee culture and cultivation, and finally enjoy Cartagena’s Caribbean sandy beaches.

You can also choose Peru as your destination and explore the capital Lima with a group, climb Machu Picchu and marvel around the thousands of years old Inca city. From Peru, you can travel to Bolivia and explore the mirror-smooth expanses of the Uyuni salt desert in the south of the country. If you have extra time, you can cross the border to Chile and explore the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert. Group travel is also ideal here, as accommodation is always in the village of San Pedro de Atacama, while excursions to the various sights are organized every day from there. The same applies again with a group trip: you can sit back and simply enjoy the journey.

And if you then want to round off your trip through South America in Chile, you can travel all the way to the extreme south of the country and explore the Patagonia region, which covers over 1000 million square kilometers in the south of Chile and Argentina. Patagonia offers a unique experience in contrast to the salt desert: light blue glaciers, crystal clear glacial lakes, and impressive mountain ranges. At the end of your trip, you will be enriched by many experiences, impressions, and new acquaintances and will probably decide to take a group trip for your next vacation!

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