All You Need to Know About Argentina Tours for Families

argentina tours

Argentina might not strike you as the most obvious location for a family vacation, but believe us, with the diverse range of excursions and Argentina tours to keep each and every member of the family relishing their holiday, it’s a surprisingly perfect place to explore. Yes, Argentina is still an off-the-radar destination, but touring this […]

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Isla Magdalena: Chile’s Most Important Magellanic Penguin Colony

isla magdalena

Barely half a square mile (1km²) in size, tiny Isla Magdalena in the stormy seas of the Strait of Magellan may not seem particularly significant. But it’s in fact the location of Chile’s most important Magellanic penguin colony and also one of the best rookeries in Patagonia for getting a close view of this species, […]

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Scandinavian Cruises: Things to Consider When Picking Your Route

scandinavian cruises

Startling landscapes of crystal waters, silent fjords and skies sparkling with the Aurora Borealis are the likely reasons why Scandinavian cruises have grown in popularity as a form of summer vacation. In a region where some of its most important – and fascinating cities – are sea side, cruising is actually one of the best […]

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9 Things You Must Understand Before Traveling in Argentina

While Argentina is arguably one of the most fascinating of all of the countries in South America, it’s fair to say that it plays by its own rules. From grasping their attitude toward timing, to realising that one trip to Argentina will never be enough, there are a few essential things you need to understand […]

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Falkland Islands Tourism: Unmissable Wildlife on the Islands

falkland islands tourism

The sovereignty of the Falkland Islands might remain a controversial issue, however the exciting possibilities to encounter wildlife that a visit here affords is certainly not contested. Indeed, Falkland Islands tourism revolves around visiting the habitats of a striking selection of animals, that range from penguins to pinnipeds, to albatrosses and oystercatchers. Explore the islands by boat, 4WD or […]

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How to Arrange Atacama Desert Tours from San Pedro

atacama desert tours

Lunar landscapes, salt lakes dotted with fluorescent flamingos and geysers spurting clouds of steaming water into the frigid dawn air: this is the Atacama Desert. Located in the far north of Chile, this region is so different in climate and terrain from the rest of the country that you’ll wonder whether you’ve landed somewhere else […]

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The Traveler’s Complete Guide to Argentina’s Major Cities

argentina major cities

Argentina’s relaxed and bohemian capital, Buenos Aires frequently tops the list of star attractions in the country. But while this elegant capital undoubtedly merits its position at number one on any list of Argentina’s major cities, other charming places grant excellent access to the country’s expansive countryside and stunning natural landscapes.

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8 Fascinating Facts About the Chile National Animal

chile national animal

Taking pride of place on the country’s coat of arms, the South American huemul is a member of the deer family and is the national animal of Chile. Alongside the national bird, the Andean Condor, it is an important species native to the Andean regions of Chile and Argentina. Once abundant in number, the past few centuries have seen populations […]

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The Ultimate Checklist For Hiking the W Trek Torres del Paine

w trek torres del paine

Hiking the W Trek, Torres del Paine National Park will always be an unforgettable feature of an adventure vacation in South America. As it’s one of the most popular stops along the gringo trail in Chilean Patagonia, the internet is full of information about the national park and how to organize your hiking trip.

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Which Canadian National Park Should You Visit in 2017?

With the news that to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian government is waiving fees for visiting all national parks in 2017, we’ve spent acres of time daydreaming about which of these wild locations we should explore first. Get on board with our reveries and find out which of our favourite national parks in Canada you […]

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