8 Fascinating Facts About the Chile National Animal

chile national animal

Taking pride of place on the country’s coat of arms, the South American huemul is a member of the deer family and is the national animal of Chile. Alongside the national bird, the Andean Condor, it is an important species native to the Andean regions of Chile and Argentina. Once abundant in number, the past few centuries have seen populations […]

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The Ultimate Checklist For Hiking the W Trek Torres del Paine

w trek torres del paine

Hiking the W Trek, Torres del Paine National Park will always be an unforgettable feature of an adventure vacation in South America. As it’s one of the most popular stops along the gringo trail in Chilean Patagonia, the internet is full of information about the national park and how to organize your hiking trip.

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Which Canadian National Park Should You Visit in 2017?

With the news that to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian government is waiving fees for visiting all national parks in 2017, we’ve spent acres of time daydreaming about which of these wild locations we should explore first. Get on board with our reveries and find out which of our favourite national parks in Canada you […]

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Highlights of Visiting the Historic Beagle Channel

Beagle Channel

A 150-mile (240 km) stretch of water separating the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego from a series of smaller islands, the Beagle Channel has a long, turbulent history and an equally dramatic visual impact upon those who visit.

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Deserts, Volcanoes and Fjords: Unique Chile Landforms To Visit

chile landforms

You’d be hard pressed to find a country as captivatingly diverse as Chile. 2,670-miles (4,300 km) in length, it accommodates a tantalizing range of topographies, incomparably varied ecosystems and seven distinct climatic subtypes. As a result, an impressive array of natural landmarks are sprinkled throughout its territory, many of which have contributed towards Chile’s position […]

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The 4 Unmissable Trek Tours from Across the Globe

trek tours

Whether hiking through cloud-forest to arrive at dawn at one of the globe’s most revered archaeological sights or taking a 500-mile spiritual pilgrimage in northern Spain, all hikers will find something to inspire with these four unmissable trek tours from across the globe.

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Adventurous Chilean Cruises to Book in 2017 and 2018

chilean cruises

Tourists across the world are reaching an agreement about travel: cruise ship tours are in vogue. With the number of holidaymakers taking cruises having risen to over 20 million annually, would-be passengers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to destinations. For those seeking an active cruise ship holiday with a little less time by […]

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Discover the Other Torres del Paine Trek: The Q Circuit

torres del paine trek

Although the ‘W’ and the ‘O’ hikes are widely known as some of the finest in all of Patagonia, the other Torres del Paine trek, the ‘Q’, is an even more ambitious way of discovering the varied landscapes and breathtaking beauty of this famed national park. So if you’re planning your visit to Torres del […]

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Buenos Aires Safety Tips for Risk-Free Travel in Argentina

buenos aires safety

Although known by the romantic nickname of “the Paris of South America”, issues of safety in Buenos Aires are still a concern for the thousands of tourists who visit the capital each year. As a general rule, caution and common sense are the easiest ways of ensuring that Buenos Aires leaves you with memories of dazzling […]

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The Highlights of a Cruise From Punta Arenas

cruise from punta arenas

For a unique way of traveling through Patagonia’s unique wilderness, an expedition cruise through the southern waters of the region should be top of your bucket list. But what can you expect from a cruise from Punta Arenas? With many incorporating visits to the iconic headland of Cape Horn, penguin breeding colonies in the Straits […]

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